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Why Magento is the Leading Omnichannel Platform

Brent Peterson June 4, 2020

In the earlier days of eCommerce and online marketing, retailers tended to have strong distinctions between their brick-and-mortar shops and their online businesses. Advertising teams would work with entirely different sets of customer data: one based on in-store practices, the other concluded by online behaviors. As technologies have advanced and shifted rapidly in the past decade, it’s obvious that this divide-and-conquer mentality is no longer a viable option for multichannel sellers.

Instead of relying on decades-old practices, retailers need to shift to a new vision of unity. Seamlessly combining all the various components of your business, from your marketing department to your retail workers, with an omnichannel approach is the best way to prepare your company for a successful future.

What is Omnichannel Retail?

Omnichannel retail is a modern solution that can connect with a customer through multiple touchpoints of their shopping journey. For instance, a single customer could browse your online store on their laptop, switch to their mobile phone, visit your physical store, and check out your Facebook page within the same day. The goal of an omnichannel approach is to engage with customers throughout each action they take to provide a fully personalized experience.

But omnichannel strategies aren’t just great for customers; they can provide retailers with valuable data regarding the overall behaviors and experiences of their customers. Since retailers will see far more than just a frequent buyer online or a familiar face in a store, they’ll be able to target their most valuable customers, create more effective marketing campaigns, and learn how to best connect with their audience.

Why Choose Magento?

According to recent insights from Adobe, the benefits of omnichannel “are so substantial and offer so much differentiation that organizations that move to omnichannel will quickly gain a critical competitive advantage.” Attempting to organize all aspects of your business to effectively go omnichannel might seem like a tall order, but Magento provides all the necessary tools for success. These are just a few of the most notable features that the platform offers for retailers of all sizes to reach their business goals:

  • Mobile-first designs. After looking at the rapid growth of mobile commerce around the globe, the Magento 2 platform is created to be mobile-friendly right out of the box. There are hundreds of responsive themes to choose from to best suit your business, or you can create your own progressive web app in Magento’s PWA Studio. Both options are flexible, fully customizable, and updated with the latest advancements and features.
  • Built-in SEO capabilities. Magento 2 is designed with SEO in mind, making it effortless for merchants to optimize their websites and pages for boosted online visibility, more page views, and increased conversion rates.
  • Flexible scalability. Whether you manage an international brand or a small business, Magento has the flexibility you need to efficiently manage your store. The platform is capable of handling multiple types of currencies, inventories, and languages, which can all be easily viewed and managed from a single dashboard.
  • Wide variety of extensions. The Magento marketplace features extensions and add-ons to make it easier than ever to connect your website to your social media pages, sell on other platforms, improve your checkout processes, configure your own APIs with REST, SOAP, or GraphQL, and much more. Customers will be able to seamlessly navigate from the content you share on YouTube to your Amazon page to your eCommerce store without skipping a beat!
  • Order management options. Magento’s inventory management systems and fulfillment providers can connect your digital and physical stores without any headache or frustration on your part. You’ll have an all-encompassing view of multiple warehouses, physical stores, websites, and different sources of inventory. Order Management gives you the power to step up to customers’ demands and exceed their expectations, even when handling complicated orders since you’ll be able to automate certain inventory processes and track inventory at every location.
  • Unbeatable overall performance. Magento 2 sites are reportedly capable of handling over 1 million orders per day, all while maintaining quick loading times and top-notch security. Magento developers work diligently to address potential security issues as soon as possible, and retailers can always count on 24/7 support to resolve any questions and concerns they may have about their eCommerce stores.

Finally, the most notable aspect of Magento is that it boasts the largest open source community within the industry. There are hundreds of thousands of Magento enthusiasts and experts around the world who collaborate with each other to answer questions, create new features, and develop cutting-edge solutions. When you choose to build your site on this world-renowned platform, you’ll surely reap benefits in all areas of your business. Contact our developers today to get started on your own omnichannel journey!

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