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Why Use Wagento?

Wagento is equipped with the knowlege and expertise to meet your goals and deliver impressive results when it comes to your Magento eCommerce project. We’ve worked with merchants of all sizes from a wide range of industries, so we have the experience it takes to understand where you’re coming from and what the best and most effective next steps are in your eCommerce journey.

Magento Builds
Offices in
Countries Worldwide
Certified Magento 2 Developers


Wagento has launched hundreds of Magento Commerce stores in less than a month and on budget. We’ve done this so many times that we’re now offering it as a prepackaged solution. This package gets you selling on Magento with all of its incredible features. Perfect for start-up businesses and companies launching new products, this package starts you selling on Magento at a minimal cost


Give your Ecommerce store

a complete Tune-Up

Wagento + Signifyd Commerce Boost can tune-up & level up your website performance like a finely tuned engine from the time consumers discover an eCommerce site until they have completed their checkout and received the confirmation that their orders are on the way.

Why Start

Perfect Timing:

Have you been putting your website’s needs on the back-burner? There’s no better time than now to funnel your efforts into your revitalizing your online presence with a fresh new platform that will continue to propel your business goals! Use the time and resources you were previously pouring into other avenues to get ahead in the eCommerce game.

Access to free performance review:

So you know your website needs a change, but you’re not sure if you want to commit to Cloud? Take the time to discover what works for you! Wagento will be offering FREE performance reviews! See how your site is actually doing, and then let us help you get it up to speed!

Do not let a slow site hold you back any longer!

Engines need oil changes, and most sites need a tune-up, so let us help you give your website the TLC it needs today!

The Magento Marketplace

is a hub of countless applications and extensions for merchants to further customize and enhance their eCommerce stores. We pride ourselves as the ultimate contributor to enhance your experience with extension through our impressive work and track record.

Check out some of the extensions we have built for other merchants below - we can build one for you too!

Migrate to Magento 2!

Are you still on Magento 1? It’s time to migrate!

Magento 1 stopped receiving support in June 2020, and the longer you wait to move, the more issues you will encounter. Let us help you avoid the inevitable roadblocks that come with staying on an outdated platform and migrate with Wagento today!

There is a reason why Walmart and Amazon value website speed - what if we could improve yours quickly at a low cost?

Walmart and Amazon both recognized a 10% increase in revenue for every second they shaved from their load times!


We value speed and performance here at too, which is why we are offering our Commerce Boost!

Title box Find out your website’s load time results and uncover problem areas with our Performance Check Tool!

Performance Check Tool

Submit the URL of the website you’d

like to check.

Step by step plan to improve any problems the review uncovers

We will draw up an improvements roadmap and take care of a few tasks for you.

There’s nothing like quick wins for performance gains! In addition, we’ll provide you with a roadmap for longer-term improvements you can do to continue to boost your store’s overall speed.


Industry-favored extensions

Global Selling

Catalog Management

Performance Monitoring Tools

PCI Compliant

Multi-Source Inventory

Magento B2B Module

Optimized Cloud Commerce

Advanced Marketing Tools

WYSIWYG Page Builder

Visual Merchandising

Extended Functionality Via App Marketplace

Includes the Following Benefits

Magento Security Updates

Magento Bug Fixes

New Features

Third Party Updates

No Surprises

Automatic (Like a SaaS Platform!)


Magento Security Scanner

Redundant Module Check

Environment Audit Readiness

What our Customers are Saying

“Wagento has been our integration partner since the beginning of our Magento experience in 2016. We work with their developers and project manager daily on-site maintenance which may include: functionality and usability enhancements, bug fixes, and site speed. Our project manager Paul does an excellent job communicating with us and the internal developers at Wagento which are spread out across offices around the world. He is our internal champion at Wagento which helps keep our site maintenance on-time, on-budget, and up to the standards of our users. Ruland is based in Massachusetts, USA and deploys updates when our site traffic is low from 10:00 pm-3:00 am EST. Wagento developers, regardless of location, always work around our schedule to prevent downtime during our core business hours. We look forward to furthering our strategic partnership with Wagento in the 2020s.”


Chris Gumas, Ruland Manufacturing Co., Inc.

Worldwide logos trust Wagento to

manage their Magento stores.

Case Study:

One of our most successful clients, Soak & Sleep, was able to grow their B2B sales by 200 percent! In order to not let their project success go to waste, they took advantage of a Wagento MSA to maintain their website and ensure that none of their hard work unraveled!


For more than a decade, online retailer Soak & Sleep has been consistently ranked as one of the top eCommerce stores in the UK. The company was founded on the idea that…

Worldwide logos trust Wagento to

tell them the truth about their codebase.

Wagento Code Audits include:

Hosting Partner

Web servers

Current site speed


Server configuration

Future compatibility of existing modules

Database performance review

Load and Stress Test

Analyze native and custom functionalities

Analyze existing integrations

Analyze present Infrastructure

Determinate continuous improvement

And more…

Wagento Code Audits include:

Discuss your site concerns with us.

Our expert Magento developers will complete your code audit. We’ll share the results with you in a detailed report and consultation session.

Average cost of Code Audit

$3900 - $5200

Dear Merchant,
We can help.


- Wagento

Signifyd’s Commerce Protection Platform

If you’re looking for something a little extra than what our basic Commerce Boost offers, you can choose to go “Deluxe” with Signifyd’s Commerce Program! This program is the ultra-shine-clear-coat-protectant to an otherwise scrub-and-rinse only offering!

  • Automatically and quickly review orders
  • Payments Compliance - automatically review orders
  • Revenue Protection - sift out all fraudulent orders
  • Abuse Prevention - post-purchase fraud detection

Signifyd provides an end-to-end Commerce Protection Platform

that leverages its Commerce Network to maximize conversion, automate customer experience and eliminate fraud and customer abuse for retailers. Signifyd counts among its customers & several companies on the Fortune 1000 and Digital Commerce 360 Top 500 lists. Signifyd is headquartered in San Jose, CA., with locations in Denver, New York, Mexico City, Belfast and London.

Whether you are ready for a “boost” right now or you’re just a little curious, we will meet you exactly where you’re at! We just need a couple details, and one of our specialists will reach out to you!


Apply For a "Boost"


Standard Process


As the store owner you are responsible for keeping your code updated and making sure all fixes are in place. You can’t go on vacation test link or take a day off!

Get Estimates

Unless you give your developer a blank check you will need to get an estimate with each major and minor release for the time and cost of each update. Will that throw off your budget for the whole year or will you need to cut back on something new you wanted to try?

Need to be alerted

You will have to remember when an update comes out and stay up with all the latest things happening with Magento including important security patches.

Find someone to do it

If you don’t have a regular developer, when new features or security patch are released, you will have to find someone to update it. If your Magento 2 store is properly deployed you will not be able to do this yourself.


Wagento No-Hassle

Automatic (Like a SaaS Platform!)

We give you the best of both worlds, the ability to have custom code with the convenience of not worrying about the
underlying updates. No-Hassle updates makes your Magento store into a virtual SaaS store without the restrictions.

Fixed price

You can set your budget at the beginning of the year and never have to worry about software updates that will create gaps in your budget. One monthly price leaving you the freedom and flexibility to focus on the new features that make your Magento store truly unique. No surprises!

You only need to approve the release

Our complete end-to-end testing process will give you the peace of mind to know that your site is updated and you still have the final say on when it goes live. We work on your timeline and your approval process. We can go live with all updates or let you decide. It’s that flexible and easy.

Never worry

Never worry again when you are on vacation, your site is always up to date and bug free. The enhanced security features of No-Hassle updates will ensure that your site has all the latest from Magento when it is available.

  • New Builds
  • B2B / B2C Strategies
  • API Integrations
  • Migrations
  • Upgrades

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