The Wagento Way: Code, Commerce, and Commitment!

We are Wagento Commerce – not your run-of-the-mill eCommerce developers. Let us explain why.

Say Hello to Wagento

At this point, you already know Wagento Commerce is an eCommerce development agency, so we will save you the trite introductions. Instead, let us begin with why we are the bee’s knees: our unwavering commitment to completing projects. Abandonment issues? Not here! We always see it through to the finish line.

But in the world of eCommerce, we know that just one trump card does not and will not cut it. This is Wagento’s deck is stacked with values that make us a winning hand: Accountability and Transparency, Employee Satisfaction Equals Client Success, Power of Community, Diversity and Inclusion, and Consistent Excellence. These values form the bedrock of the ‘Wagento Difference,’ enabling us to always put our best foot forward.

However, the ‘Wagento Difference’ goes beyond. Our extensive experience, strategic partnerships, and exceptional communication have been equally pivotal in shaping the remarkable essence of Wagento.

Wondering how we got here? Let’s stroll down memory lane. A humble start-up, Wagento’s journey began with audacious confidence in our Magento expertise—hence the bold name. Fast forward a decade, we’ve evolved into a global eCommerce powerhouse, boasting 40+ Magento-certified developers, offices in five countries, and so much more. Suffice it to say, our own transformation story competes with that of our 300+ Magento projects.

Our journey has been immensely fulfilling too, with countless happy clients and an impressive array of titles under our belt. Wagento proudly holds the titles of Adobe Gold Partner, BigCommerce Elite Certified Partner, and Shopware Enterprise Partner, among others. The list is ever-growing.

The Wagento Mission

Transform global enterprises with cutting-edge digital solutions.

The Wagento Vision

Unlocking boundless opportunities for brands through inspired innovation

Our Guiding Principles

Discover the pillars of the Wagento Difference


Wagento thrives on the synergy of community. Our team shares expertise to uplift one another, advance our collective skills, and successfully serve clients. We engage both online and offline to stay dedicated to our mission, ensuring we provide exceptional service and deliver remarkable results.

Accountability and Transparency

At Wagento, we embrace a culture of accountability, transparency, and integrity that extends to every facet of our operations. These values are the foundation of our client interactions, creating trust and fostering lasting partnerships. We are committed to upholding this culture across all aspects of our operations.

Employee Satisfaction Equals Client Success

Wagento places the well-being of its employees at the heart of its success. We strongly believe that contented team members translate into satisfied clients. Our work environment fosters work-life balance, motivation, and a positive attitude, that helps significantly enhance the quality of our projects.

Reliable Excellence

Wagento's tireless quest for excellence clearly emphasizes our commitment to enhancing client satisfaction. We wholeheartedly reject mediocrity, continually striving to exceed client expectations by consistently delivering exceptional results. Our unrelenting pursuit of excellence leaves a lasting, positive impact and distinguishes us as a top-notch eCommerce development service provider.

Diversity and Inclusion

Wagento's international team unites diverse talents from across the globe, infusing the company with multifaceted skills, perspectives, and experiences. We cherish inclusivity, mutual respect, and collective efforts in pursuit of shared objectives, thus fostering a sense of belonging within the culturally rich and diverse Wagento community

Leader Showcase: The Talent Guiding Wagento's Successes

J P Singh

J. P Singh, the tech maverick and eCommerce aficionado, established eWay Corp in 2005, with a fervent vision to empower businesses through cutting-edge technology. He, then, embarked on a quest to champion the growth and prosperity of local enterprises. His steadfast faith in the transformative potential of technology has been the driving force behind overcoming a plethora of business challenges. Fast forward to 2021, eWay Corp took a bold stride by acquiring Wagento, a strategic move designed to enable organizations to thrive in the digital age.

Welcome to the Wagento Ecosystem

The Wagento ecosystem is underpinned by the interplay of advanced technology, strategic collaborations, and extensive experience. This fusion is bolstered by our team’s creative drive, resulting in exceptional eCommerce solutions.

With a focus on technology, Wagento consistently adopts the latest eCommerce innovations, providing businesses with the tools they need to succeed in the digital realm.

Furthermore, our strategic partnerships with eCommerce leaders such as Adobe, BigCommerce, Shopify, Shopware, and more offer clients a range of tailored solutions, ensuring their success in the digital world.

Wagento’s reliable expertise is further enhanced by a team of certified developers, designers, and eCommerce strategists committed to delivering top-notch solutions. They help businesses optimize their online presence and drive lasting results.

In addition to delivering outstanding services, Wagento values long-lasting client relationships, offering ongoing support, training, and educational resources to keep businesses ahead in the ever-changing eCommerce industry.

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