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Why Digital Commerce is the New B2B Differentiator

Brent Peterson August 8, 2019


Most B2B leaders have come to recognize the value of digital commerce when they’re striving to accomplish critical corporate objectives, meet customer demands, and stay ahead of their competitors. In order to achieve these goals in the ever-changing modern business world, B2B companies need a customizable, next-generation solution that can reliably take on these challenges.

Leading the pack in the race towards digital commerce is Magento, complete with a full product suite packed with all the tools B2B companies need to go digital seamlessly. Magento offers endless features and scalable options that can help businesses of all sizes create differentiated B2B experiences. With the latest technologies and constant innovations, B2B leaders can easily reap the benefits of:

Having a Cloud-based Platform

B2B companies using Magento’s cloud-based platform have the freedom to customize their site to their exact liking while still creating personalized customer experiences, which is a unique opportunity no other cloud-based solution offers. Magento’s open-DNA is designed to be quick and scalable, so as your business grows and adjusts, you won’t have to worry about your website becoming unable to handle increasing customer demands over time. Even setting up your store will be a breeze, thanks to:

Technical account managers. Every Magento Cloud customer is paired with an account manager who can answer questions while assisting with the implementation and launching of your online store.

  • 24/7 support. Thousands of Magento experts around the world are available 24/7 to provide technical support for any infrastructure or software problems you may encounter so you can get your store back up and running in no time.
  • Seamless integrations. Hundreds of third-party integrations are available to make your website unique and simple to use.

Boosting Sales and Loyalty

The Magento platform has built-in B2B functionality, making it easier than ever for B2B businesses to manage their accounts, keep track of customers, and maintain excellent service so buyers will want to come back again and again. Magento includes everything needed to set up an optimized site for your company, with benefits such as:

  • Company account management. Both B2B companies and their buyers can easily manage their accounts by using a full array of tools and features.
  • Flexible payment options. It’s crucial for online stores to support multiple different payment types to make buying convenient for customers. Magento has dozens of payment choices, including credit terms, credit cards, PayPal, Amazon Pay, and WorldPay. Each transaction is also integrated with fraud protection tools to give merchants peace of mind.
  • Custom catalogs and price lists. B2B companies can create customized catalogs and price lists for individuals or companies in order to honor negotiated contracts seamlessly, whether the customer is buying in-store or online.
  • Fast, easy checkout processes. Along with having several payment options, the checkout process must also be easy for the customer to use, especially on mobile devices.

Creating Personalized Customer Experiences

Developing customized B2B experiences for your customers might sound tricky, but Magento makes it easy by helping you divide online shoppers into separate groups and then target them based on a multitude of different attributes. For example, registered customers might be targeted based on their purchase history, location, gender, wish list items, or several other distinctions. Even random online visitors can be targeted by their online behavior, items in their cart, or products they’ve viewed.

In addition to ensuring unique experiences for each shopper, Magento also offers a powerful tool for promotions. B2B businesses can create over 100 different kinds of promotional offers, including coupons, free shipping, and BOGO deals. Business owners can customize these offers by using the built-in loyalty program, researching customer demands with Elasticsearch, and other tools featured on the admin panel.

Omnichannel Ordering and Fulfillment

With Magento order management, you can give your customers an “endless aisle” of products to shop while you can fulfill orders, track packages, and manage your inventory no matter where you are or what device you’re using. With full inventory visibility and control, you can view your global inventory, set safety stock buffers so you’ll never run out of crucial products, and allow customers to buy online and pick up in-store or have their products shipped from a local store. You can even prioritize or assign your various inventory sources based on:

  • Stock availability.
  • Distance.
  • Number of splits for a single order or bundle.
  • Order size.
  • Order age.
  • Required shipping method.
  • Product category.
  • Maximum number of orders from a certain location.
  • Client-specific rules.
  • Any combination of these specifications.

Is Magento Right for You?

If you need a flexible platform for your growing B2B business, there is no other cloud-based platform that offers more features and options than Magento. Complete with everything you need to succeed right out of the box, the product suite offered by Magento can help you boost your eCommerce site to the next level. To see for yourself, schedule a free demo today!

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