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What Is Composable Commerce & Why Does It Matter?

Brent Peterson February 24, 2022

In recent years, retailers have been abandoning the traditional monolithic eCommerce model for faster and more flexible headless commerce solutions. Going headless means that the front end of a website is disconnected from the back end. This makes it easy for sellers to make changes on the customer-facing side without a developer’s help in the back end. Composable commerce, however, takes the headless approach to the next level.

Definition of Composable Commerce

Composable commerce involves selecting individual components for an eCommerce site and then combining them into a customized application for a single store. Retailers can select the components they’d like, and the system offers the flexibility for sellers to alter or interchange applications as needed.

Main Goals of Composable Commerce

According to a 2020 report from Gartner, there are 4 key tenants of composable commerce. A site using this system should strive to be:

  • Modular. Composable commerce sites are designed to have independent components that can be adjusted or altered at will. These components may include your CRM system, fulfillment technologies, payment processing integrations, or any other customizable integration your store needs to perform at its best.
  • Open. All applications integrated into the system can all seamlessly work together without limiting you to work with just one specific vendor.
  • Flexible. You can customize your one-of-a-kind composable commerce site however you’d like to give your visitors a unique and rewarding shopping experience. 
  • Efficient. Composable commerce helps retailers keep up with rapidly-changing eCommerce trends without a hefty price tag.

Why Composable Commerce Matters

In order to keep up with customer needs and demands, retailers need to be agile. Sellers who lack the flexibility to make rapid changes to their sites or add new components when improved technologies are released will have more difficulty attracting customers. Retailers who choose composable commerce can react to changing trends with ease, lower customer acquisition costs, and develop unbeatable end-to-end shopping journeys. 

The Covid-19 pandemic has driven more shoppers online than ever before, and there are no signs that the market is slowing down. People have grown accustomed to the convenience and ease of eCommerce, and they expect every site they visit to be fast, visually appealing, and easy to use. If your site isn’t performing at its best, get in touch with a Wagento developer to create a plan that will work best for your business!

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