How to Attract High-Quality Organic Traffic

A key axiom of SEO is user intent—which is the best way to attract high-quality organic traffic. It’s a challenge for marketers, and too many marketers are focused on quantity…

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loyalty and Rewards Features

Magento Loyalty and Rewards Features

Adobe Commerce (Magento 2) offers merchants all kinds of features to build and maintain customer loyalty. Retailers can enable reward points for shoppers, launch loyalty programs, give members customized coupon…

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eCommerce website navigation

Best Ways to Improve Your eCommerce Website Navigation

Without an intuitive eCommerce website navigation, your business could have top-rated products and valuable blog posts but still fail to convert visitors. If people aren’t able to find the resources…

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Adobe Commerce 2.4.3

Support is ending for Adobe Commerce 2.4.3

Support for Adobe Commerce 2.4.0 – 2.4.3. ends on November 28, 2022, which aligns with the end of support for PHP 7.4. After this date, digital storefronts that are still…

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inventory management

4 Essential Tips To Improve Inventory Management 

Businesses can thrive when there is a well-organized structure in place. One area of business that could benefit significantly from being organized properly is inventory management. An organized inventory management…

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mobile commerce

5 Common Mobile Commerce Mistakes to Avoid

Business Insider reported that mobile commerce sales in the US totaled $359 billion in 2021 and made up a whopping 38.5% of all eCommerce sales. Any online retailers that don’t…

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