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The Future of Magento: An Update for the Magento Community

Brent Peterson September 15, 2021


On September 14, 2021, the Mage Open Source Community Alliance website published an open letter to all Magento community members. The article explained that there would be a community-driven aspect of Magento moving forward, what this means for businesses, the future of Magento, and what you can do if you want to support this movement.

Changes to the eCommerce Landscape

For over 10 years, Magento has established itself as an essential platform for eCommerce businesses of all shapes and sizes. Magento users were eager to innovate, develop new ideas, and contribute their findings to the global community. This kind of collaborative environment allowed Magento’s ecosystem to flourish and truly stand out from other eCommerce platforms. 

However, in recent years, new types of eCommerce solutions have entered the market. Merchants and retailers can now choose from various SaaS options, PaaS services, and other solutions. To follow the popular trends in the eCommerce industry, Adobe has decided that Magento needs to change course. Adobe Commerce, originally known as Magento Enterprise, is evolving into a cloud-hosted platform featuring composable microservices. Adobe is positioning its Commerce product for large, well-established businesses.

Maintaining the Magento Platform

At the 2021 Adobe Summit, technical architects discussed the possibility of decomposing the PHP monolith and replacing each PHP element with Adobe microservices. (Later clarifying isolated services) This open letter reflects the community sentiment that the entire Magento platform will eventually be replaced.

Understandably, merchants using the Magento open-source platform are anxious about the future of their businesses. The community has expressed uneasiness about the future of Magento. Right now, there’s no roadmap for the Magento community to follow, and there are countless variables that can’t be accounted for yet. However, the Mage Open Source Community Alliance is taking the initiative to develop plans for the long-term future of the platform.

So far, the Mage Open Source Community Alliance has reached out to the Magento Association for assistance and collaboration on this project. Moving forward, the goal is to make sure that Adobe will support Magento Open Source and that business owners who want to keep using the monolith version can do so.

How You Can Help

If you support this initiative and want to be informed about future updates, please visit this link and sign the form. We want the Magento community to keep growing and evolving, and we believe the best way to nurture the collaborative global community is to help merchants of all sizes reach their eCommerce goals. We hope you take the time to endorse this movement and help us ensure Magento’s ongoing success!

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