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How Wagento Can Quickly Get Your Business Online

Brent Peterson April 7, 2020

In the midst of the global pandemic sparked by the COVID-19 outbreak, Wagento has decided to go the extra mile to support businesses and help merchants get online quickly. Wagento is now a proud partner with Offline2On, a community-led organization that’s dedicated to helping small and mid-size businesses launch their websites with free resources and expert advice.

What is Offline2On?

Offline2On was created to connect merchants with the tools, resources, developers, and platforms they need to keep their businesses going throughout the spread of the coronavirus. Over 1,000 experts have contributed their time and expertise to make this site extremely beneficial to retailers. The experts specialize in everything from online sales to web design to digital marketing, making this a one-stop shop for all of your eCommerce needs.

Mission of Offline2On

The community behind Offline2On has recognized that the small businesses and mid-size companies that fuel the worldwide economy have been hit especially hard during the COVID-19 crisis. Some businesses have had to shut down completely, others are struggling to stay afloat, and most are unsure of how to plan for the future during this period of uncertainty. The primary goal of Offline2On is to support these essential businesses to help them survive this tumultuous phase and come out on the other side stronger than before. In order to reach this goal, Offline2On will:

  • Provide a single, centralized source of unbiased information to retailers.
  • Provide a helpful place where merchants can ask questions or request advice.
  • Provide a place for eCommerce professionals to offer support and help to businesses.
  • Connect helpful developers with merchants to help them go online as quickly as possible—sometimes within one week.
  • Create a community where people can collaborate with each other and work together to solve issues ranging from shipping, distribution, staffing, and more.

How Wagento is Contributing

Wagento is just one of the hundreds of agencies offering their support during this time, and they have all the resources needed to help you get your store online and live in 30 days or less. The expert team at Wagento understands how challenging and stressful this time is, so they will follow this guideline to help you plan and launch your project:

  • You will select a hosting provider who will give you a working version of Magento 2, which can take anywhere from 1 hour to 2 weeks, depending on your provider.
  • Complete the basic admin setup (takes 2 to 8 hours).
  • Upload your products, organize your categories, and optimize as needed. This process typically takes a day to strategize, but mere minutes to upload.
  • Install a responsive theme and customize it as you see fit. This can take a few hours or a few weeks, depending on how particular you are regarding your web layout.
  • Configure your payment and shipping options, which take about an hour.
  • Double-check with your hosting provider to ensure that SSL is on.
  • Start selling!

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