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Adobe Commerce and Magento Open Source Upgrade Dates

Brent Peterson June 29, 2022

adobe commerce upgrade dates

At Wagento, we want to be sure you are aware of several important support dates that are upcoming this fall to help you better plan your Adobe Commerce upgrade strategy. Please read on for the end of support information, organized by Commerce version. 

Adobe Commerce 2.3.x  

Important: support for Adobe Commerce 2.3 ends on September 8, 2022. After this date, digital storefronts that are still running on 2.3.x will no longer receive technical support and will be responsible for maintaining their own security and PCI compliance.  

Adobe Commerce 2.4.0 – 2.4.3  

Additionally, support for Adobe Commerce 2.4.0 – 2.4.3. ends on November 28, 2022, which aligns with the end of support for PHP 7.4. If you would like to learn more about our release schedule, you can read about it here.   

Wagento and Adobe recommend upgrading to Adobe Commerce 2.4.4 ahead of these dates to take advantage of new features and continued support.  

Extended Support   

For customers who need more time to migrate to 2.4.4, Adobe will offer an option to add extended support to your license for up to one year following the EOS date for each specific Commerce version built on PHP 7.4 (2.3.7, and 2.4.0 – 2.4.3). Please contact your Account Manager or Customer Success Manager to discuss more details.   

Resources & Strategy  

If you are looking for guidance on how to upgrade your site to 2.4.4 on time, we’ve provided some valuable resources below to help you get started.  

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