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5 Important Considerations before Choosing a Magento Development Company

Brent Peterson September 12, 2019

5 Important Considerations before Choosing a Magento Development Company

The ever increasing popularity of the Magento platform has provoked many merchants to set up their stores on this highly scalable platform. The platform is ready to serve merchants for a variety of business goals. Besides being secure, the platform is loaded with numerous features that make it more versatile and user-friendly.

A better user experience is imperative to any eCommerce store. The Magento platform offers a variety of customization options to bring dynamic personalization into your web domain. In addition to plenty of built-in features, merchants can also leverage hundreds of extensions, which are designed to expand the scope of your online business domain.

When it comes to developing your website, you will find a number of Magento development companies, which claim to build up a splendid online store. Before choosing one of those companies, make sure you have chosen the one that has highly skilled professionals who are ready to make you a high-end website. Here are some useful tips to help you choose a Magento Development Company that fulfills the needs of your enterprise.

Analyze their Experience

Initially consider evaluating their work experience. How many website design or development projects they have successfully delivered? A company with experts can handle challenges to ensure the successful execution of the assigned project. The company that has inexperienced developers could become distressing in the future. They might be able to create a top-notch website but it could take a lot of time to figure out bugs or integrating new features.

Also, you should be completely aware of the nature of the project you want to develop. As the Magento team tends to bring gradual updates in the platform. So, an expert who is well informed about the new changes can make your web store loaded with advanced features and functionalities.

A developer should be well aware of the latest technology trends, otherwise, your website might be less effective than your competitors who have adopted new and innovative ideas to attract customer attention.

In addition, don’t forget to check for the reviews of their previous clients. There are plenty of platforms where you can search for customer reviews for the particular Magento development company. The most popular one is Yelp where users have specified their ratings. Determine how many stars users have given them out of five.

Effective Communication

If the communication between both parties is effective, the project will be delivered in time and there will be fewer obscurities at the end. When there comes a lag in communication, the development company will continue working on the provided requirements and the end result might not be up to your expectations.

You need to be well aware of the levels of completion of modules and how much work there is remaining by the hired web development agency. You can also assist them in streamlining the project and to keep them on track.

Inform them about the nature of the communication you are expecting in the first meeting and how they need to remain connected throughout the project development phase.

Ask about the responsible member of the team who you can contact anytime. He/she could be a project manager or any individual who is leading the project. A person who is responsible for coordination should keep you posted about the progress and inform you if there comes any problem.


Ensure a proper pricing structure you are liable to pay, after the successful completion of the entire project or you are willing to pay for modules separately.

Ask them about the proper pricing policy their company is following. After getting agreed on one of the pricing packages, make sure to create a documented script to avoid future misunderstandings.

If the company has to perform additional tasks then you are accountable for the extra cost too. Most of the Magento development companies provide flexibility in the additional changes so ask them if they can compensate for minor tweaks.

Based on your current budget, you can compromise on a few features. A well-reputed company may offer you those features as a bonus but never force them to provide for free.

Additional Support

After the successful delivery of the project, make sure the company is offering post-deployment support. Keep in mind that due to some malfunctioning of any feature on your Magento website, your customer’s base should not get affected. Ask your development company if they are willing to provide 24/7 support.

There is a foremost need for support if the project is intricate and there are plenty of ongoing features that may get bugged. A developer that has already worked on these features can easily identify and handle the errors quickly.

Inform them about your long term goals and ask them how they can carry out substantial assistance when there is a need.

Quality Assurance

One of the most important things is the quality of the website functionalities; the company has provided you with. It is crucial that the company take full responsibility of the delivered project. If there is any glitch in the system after getting deployed, the company is responsible to fix it.

Before choosing the Magento development company, inquire about the tools they utilize to examine the quality of unit modules, which methods they employ to integrate it into your system and how they will detect errors.

After setting up the store, they are responsible for making sure everything functions properly for your potential customers. As you are going to manage this store, so you should better know which functionality should be integrated and which feature is unessential.

Final Words

The Magento platform is widely used and the most reliable platform for eCommerce businesses. If your website needs an upgrade, or you want to integrate security patches, or you are up for setting up a new extension, make sure you have chosen the right Magento development company. If you are going to hire a web development company to create a brand new online store, ensure they have professionals that are experts in their jobs and have the relative experience to carry out complex tasks.

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