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Top 5 Technology Trends from 2021 that are here to Stay

In the last two years, we have seen the rise and boom of different kinds of technology trends. Partially, this is thanks to the worldwide pandemic that hit us. A lot more people started using different types of technology. Even those who were opposed to using technology had to if they wanted to keep their jobs during the pandemic. 

On the other hand, with so many technological advancements in the last years, it was only a question of when they were all going to come into play. 

The next question now is which of these technologies are here to stay even after the pandemic and which ones are going to fade away.  

Here are the top 5 technology trends that are here to stay even when the pandemic is over. 

1. Digital workplaces

The rise of collaboration software happened in the summer of 2020. Most of the working population was forced to work from home. Not everyone was happy about this way of working, but we all had to find the best ways to work from home. 

As this way of working continued, both employees and employers started seeing the benefits of the work-from-home system. It was the flexibility to organize their time that resonated the most with employees. And as for the employers, they noticed the benefits of not having to spend money on renting office spaces and their upkeep, amongst other things. 

The truth is that remote working has started gaining popularity even before the pandemic hit and that the outbreak only sped up and widened the process. It is believed that this sort of work routine is here to stay. People are much more productive this way, and businesses will find ways to employ and equip their remote staff. 

That means that in addition to collaborative software, other kinds of software such as flexible insurance software, management software, accounting software, distribution software are only going to become better and more efficient. 

2. Online learning

In addition to digital workplaces, online learning is another trend here to stay. Education is just another sector that was severely affected by the outbreak of the pandemic in 2020. But thankfully, we found ways to continue learning online.  

As schools closed, we moved our classrooms to digital devices, online conferencing platforms, and different kinds of applications. However, the schools will reopen and students will return to their classrooms. The use of technology for educational purposes is what will remain. Sure, certain courses and classes people will still be able to attend online, but the amount of e-learning in schools is still to be seen.  

3. Contactless technology

In the fast-paced world, we live in, people will always look for innovations that save time. That means that contactless technology is here to stay, there is no doubt about it. Tap and pay technology is here to revolutionize the customer experience – no more waiting in the check-out lines of any kind.  

Contactless technology is convenient, easy to use, and above all safe. All you need is your smartphone or your smartwatch, you don’t even need your wallet. Contactless technology allows you to make payments through near field communication (NFC) – a short-range technology that allows instant wireless transmission of the data among devices. This means that for contactless technology, you don’t need a PIN.  

As technology advances, contactless technology will only become better, so it’s safe to say that this type of technology is going nowhere any time soon. 

4. Virtual and augmented reality

You probably connect these terms to video games and gaming. What you may not know is that this sort of technology has been used for training in the US. Navy, Army, and Coast Guard Ship captains. With virtual reality (VR) we can be immersed in a certain environment that is only enhanced with augmented reality (AR). 

Today, both VR and AR are being slowly introduced to our lives through entertainment and marketing obviously, through training as mentioned above, and it even has the potential of being integrated into rehabilitation after injury. 

For example, we have all experienced AI technology through those filter apps on our smartphones. You might have heard about Google Glass – this smart hands-free device is a good example of where AI technology is going. 

5. The rise of eCommerce

Another thing that came to prominence during the pandemic is eCommerce. No sector has benefited from this worldwide crisis as much as eCommerce, and this is a trend that is likely to continue. 

We have to mention that eCommerce was popular even before the pandemic but COVID-19 made eCommerce popularity skyrocket. There are over 24 million eCommerce sites on the internet and their number only continues to grow. Both big and small businesses are realizing the benefits of eCommerce and they are rapidly shifting their businesses online. 

The truth is that eCommerce is an easy and convenient way to shop, however, it won’t completely replace the traditional physical stores. Businesses will learn to find a balance between their physical and online stores. 

So, what we can conclude is that eCommerce is going nowhere, quite the contrary, it is here to stay. 

These are only the top 5 technology trends that are here to stay, what else is here to stay, only time will tell. The reason why these technology trends managed to survive and continue to be popular is their convenience, the ease-of-use, and efficiency. Many of these technologies were made to save time and money and that’s precisely what keeps them interesting and worthy of staying relevant. 

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