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Magento Partner Akeneo: The Leader in Product Experience Management

Brent Peterson Brent Peterson June 30, 2020

Magento Partner Akeneo: The Leader in Product Experience Management

An omnichannel approach is no longer a strategy that’s just for enormous enterprises; seamless communication across a wide range of channels is expected for all brands today. Creating engaging customer experiences, regardless of the platform the shopper is using, is an essential tactic for all eCommerce retailers who want to keep up with the ever-changing technologies

It’s no easy task to craft unified yet personalized shopping journeys on multiple channels, but Akeneo makes product experience management (PXM) a reality for businesses of all sizes. Magento 2 retailers can utilize the Akeneo Connector to deliver high-quality, relevant information to all of their potential buyers, improve their customers’ shopping experiences, and increase total conversions.

About Akeneo

Akeneo is the only Magento Premier Technology Partner in the PIM (Product Information Management) category. During the 2019 Magento Imagine event, Akeneo won an Imagine Excellence Award in the Best Digital Commerce Experience category and an Up and Comer Partner Award for its important contributions to the Magento platform. Furthermore, Akeneo is recognized as a global leader in PXM solutions, trusted by numerous global brands, including Sephora, Fossil, FabFitFun, Schuler Shoes, and more.

Akeneo is an open-source system, allowing sellers to access a fully scalable and customizable PXM experience. Retailers can feel free to go cross-border while improving efficiency and decreasing time to market. “The Akeneo Connector for Magento 2 marks another step forward in our close alliance with Magento to help brands and retailers build top-performing eCommerce businesses,” said Fred de Gombert, CEO, and co-founder at Akeneo. “Akeneo and Magento have an expanding list of mutual customers, and we look forward to exploring deeper, more comprehensive partnerships that serve the dynamic needs of our merchant customers.”

How Akeneo Works

The Akeneo Connector for Magento 2 (which was previously known as “PIMgento 2), seamlessly connects to the Magento platform to help merchants manage and export all of their catalog data to their Magento store. It works using API technology to transfer data and integrate the Akeneo PIM and Magento Commerce.

After a retailer completes their catalog using Akeneo, they can export their collection and product content to their Magento 2 store in just a couple of steps. Simply put, the Akeneo Connector extension gathers data from the Akeneo API and inserts it directly into the Magento database. With this technology, all imports occur in mere minutes and won’t disrupt the website’s performance during the upload process.

Benefits for Magento 2 Merchants

The API-driven Akeneo Connector for Magento 2 can benefit eCommerce retailers in a variety of ways. First, merchants will have access to plenty of technical support from Akeneo, along with guides on migration, best practices for seamless implementations, and tips for a great user experience. Some of the other primary benefits of Akeneo PXM include:

  • Effortless export of key Akeneo features. Each of the following Akeneo features can be easily exported to Magento 2 sites: Categories, Families, Attributes, Options, Products, and Product Models.
  • A user-friendly interface. Akeneo is designed to be easily accessible and intuitive to use. Even those with limited technical experience should be able to use the extension without any assistance.
  • Centralized product information. With the PXM, merchants will have one single place to store all of their product information, which can then be used and transferred across different platforms, mobile applications, and other systems.
  • Increased conversions. Proper product experience management will ensure that customers will find the items they truly want and need, which can minimize returns, boost sales, and increase customer loyalty.
  • Improved localization. For cross-border commerce, sellers need to be aware of the unique local culture of each area they’re operating in. This means that currency, language, and product information should all be tailored to appeal to the audience in that specific region. Akeneo can manage these details in order to help your store succeed no matter where your customers are located.

Installing the Connector Extension

If you don’t know how to begin setting up the Akeneo Connector, you can check out the Help Center for full documentation and instructions for setting up the connector, configuring your products, importing your images, and everything else you’ll need for an upgraded eCommerce experience.

For more information about the Akeneo Connector extension, just click the link to view the full product description on the Akeneo Marketplace! If you’d like assistance with setting up the extension, don’t hesitate to contact a Wagento developer for a seamless transition.

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