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Client Snapshot: Librerías Gandhi and Akeneo PIM

Librerías Gandhi and Akeneo PIM

When retailers sell hundreds of unique products to customers online and in-store, keeping all that data organized can feel like an unending project. No business owner has the time to edit every product page manually, but this information needs to be kept up-to-date in order to attract customers. This is where a solution like Akeneo PIM comes in.

PIM stands for “Product Information Management.” PIM systems streamline the process of importing product data, organizing items into categories, and tracking products. When Librerías Gandhi outgrew their old PIM tools, they trusted Wagento to help them implement the industry-leading Akeneo PIM connector.

About Librerías Gandhi

Librerías Gandhi is a popular Mexico-based bookstore, which was originally founded back in June 1971. The small bookstore has flourished over the decades, with 43 different stores operating today throughout Latin America. 

Gandhi prides itself on creating rich cultural and educational experiences for customers of all ages and interests. Along with nonfiction titles and fictional best-sellers, Gandhi supplies a variety of music, film, and spaces for community art and expression. To keep up with a growing audience with more diverse interests, the bookstore needed a PIM solution to stay organized and informed.

Main Challenges

Implementing the PIM itself wasn’t a challenge for Wagento developers. However, there were a set of roadblocks that continued to sidetrack Gandhi and Wagento from their initial goals.

First of all, the Akeneo-Magento connector was about halfway through the implementation process when the pandemic struck. As Gandhi rapidly adjusted to selling online, the Akeneo PIM project became less of a priority for several months. The book retailer focused solely on satisfying its customers during the worst months of the Covid-19 outbreak.

Another key issue was the lack of certainty that Gandhi business representatives had about the products. In order to implement the PIM, Wagento needed information about which products should be assigned to specific Attributes and Categories within the system. Since the bookstore had no prior experience with Akeneo PIM, people were hesitant to make final decisions in the fear that they’d be mistaken.

Due to these challenges, the connector project was left incomplete long after the initial deadline. Wagento was able to successfully implement the connector, but wasn’t able to test it until 2021.

Project Results

In the end, the Wagento team completed the project on-budget for Librerías Gandhi. Although the Akeneo PIM connector was implemented after the agreed-upon deadline, both parties were completely understanding of the unforeseen circumstances caused by the pandemic. 

Today, Gandhi can manage its dozens of retail locations and thousands of products with ease. The store has high hopes for further expansion in the near future, and Wagento can’t wait to see how the business will continue to inspire communities across Latin America.

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