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How to Use Customer Testimonials in Your Emails for the Most Success

Christina Lee January 13, 2022

Testimonials are an important aspect of the consumer experience. It’s stated that most individuals are “270% more likely” to buy a product that has five reviews than one that has none.

But why is this the case?

Well, typically, consumers don’t trust businesses and the information they’re providing them on a product. After all, a business could generally say anything they want with the hopes of getting you to buy their product, and you don’t want to fall for such scams.

However, reviews contain information provided by the people, people like you or me, which means they’re in the same position as us and want to get to the truth about a product and whether it’s worth buying.

More often than not, customer reviews are unbiased assessments or recommendations written by peers and are thus far more reliable. They remove some of a customer’s concerns about making a purchase and, as a result, make it easier for them to make a decision.

So, if you can use testimonials effectively in your email marketing, you could see an increase in conversions. In today’s guide, we’re going to explore some ways your business can use customer testimonials within your emails for these reasons.

1. Include brief product reviews

The finest testimonials are short and concise.

Your email subscribers are unlikely to waste time reading lengthy evaluations but instead want rapid information. They want the details quick, so make sure you’re focusing on sharing the reviews that are tight and straight-to-the-point.

You can source your reviews from anywhere on the internet, including your own eCommerce site, social media, and reputable review services like Trustpilot. You can also request reviews through email. Just keep in mind that a good testimonial is brief, to-the-point, and product-specific—don’t be hesitant to snip one important, snappy remark from a lengthy review.

2. Make use of user-created material

“User-generated material, or UGC, is extremely beneficial for eCommerce sites. It’s estimated that around 79% of users say UGC has a significant impact on their purchase decisions, compared to only 13% who think brand content has a significant impact,” shares Ben Harris, a marketing writer at Academ advisor and Writing populist.

This means the content your users are making matters, like their social media photos and posts about your products, which acts as a review. If someone is wearing your jacket and is happy to be seen in it, this means they’re endorsing your products because otherwise, they wouldn’t post it.

Just make sure you get permission from the uploader that you can use their content.

3. Make Room for Video Testimonials

In today’s world, video is commonly employed in email marketing. That’s a good thing because 68% of people say they’d rather watch a brief video to learn about a new product or service than reading about it.

“So, by integrating video in your emails, you can rest assured that your subscribers will be pleased. Instead of making advertising videos all the time, use video testimonials from genuine customers to add a personal touch,” explains Amy Nicolas, a business writer at Write my essay and Resumention.

Again, with the agreement of the users, you may be able to distribute review videos that they have uploaded.

Alternatively, work with influencers to make a video in which they give an honest assessment of your product. In any case, video is an excellent way to show off third-party supporters of your product.

Don’t forget, you can also use these video reviews elsewhere, such as on your social media pages. Just because you’re using content in your emails, that doesn’t mean you can’t use the same content elsewhere, whether you’re clipping it or extracting the text. As long as the message remains unedited and true to the original, you can repurpose this content all you like!


There are a plethora of ways to generate money online, but catering to the essential underpinnings of human beings—authenticity, social involvement, and transparency—will almost certainly result in greater sales and increased customer trust in the long run, and this is what customer reviews helps you to magnify.

Make sure you’re using them in your emails to maximize your brand image and the quality service and products you’re providing to your customers, and in turn, you might see a massive upturn in sales.

Christina Lee is a project manager and customer service consultant at Best research paper services and Australian Reviewer. She helps businesses maximize their sales opportunities by offering the customer service experience possible, as well as writing for such services, as Boom Essays review, among others.

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