How to Create Effective Pop-ups in WordPress

The average internet user hates having their surfing session interrupted by needless pop-ups, and many opt for ad-blockers to prevent the disruption. But what if the pop-up offers something truly…

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An Easy Guide to Selecting the Right Keywords for Your Business

In SEO, keywords refer to the words and phrases that users enter into search engines to get theinformation that they need. These terms also describe the topics that you write…

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Mobile Apps: Importance in Marketing Your Business

Source: Pexels The COVID-19 pandemic shook the world and changed the way we interact and live our lives. Due to people’s solitary confinement as a support for the government’s effort…

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5 Tips To Improve Your Email Marketing Campaign By The Use Of Social Media

Email marketing has been popular for a long time among marketing pros, but social media is trending over the past decade and a half. The hype of social media has…

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How Can Value-added Content Change Your Email Marketing Game?

Content without value is similar to a phone without a battery. Who needs that? In this information era, marketers should think of different ways to catch the users’ attention and…

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writing tools

16 Writing Tools to Build a Successful Email Marketing Campaign

There’s no lack of digital writing tools to provide lots of automation for email campaigns. Audiences can be segmented based upon their positions in a sales funnel; email sends can…

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