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Hyvä is a new frontend for Magento that is transforming the way developers and customers alike experience their cherished eCommerce platform. Created by developer Willem Wigman, Hyvä is everything the Luma theme wishes it could be: fast, smooth, streamlined, and easy-to-use. Essentially, choosing Hyvä for your Magento frontend is a no-brainer.

Would you drive a car without wheels?

Would you make a smoothie without a blender?

Would you run a marathon without your trusty HOKAs?
(any runners out there?)

Just as these things seem like a given, using Hyvä for Magento is also a given. It will improve your business and increase your bottom line. Your customers will be happier and your development team will too.

Hyvä is an alternative to headless PWAs for those that choose not to venture into the Javascript-only web. We're not against headless SPA (single-page application) PWAs, but we’re also not particularly passionate about PWAs either. For us, they aren't the silver bullet to all eCommerce needs. We love the eCommerce and PHP ecosystems and don’t believe headless PWAs should be the de facto standard for building online shops.

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