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Hyvä and Magento: The Dynamic Duo Powering eCommerce Excellence 

Hyvä and Magento: The Dynamic Duo Powering eCommerce Excellence 

Whether you are a Magento merchant, you always want the best thing for your website. And it starts right from having a fast website to having a site that offers great user experience and performance. So, if you are a Magento merchant aiming for a high-performing and fast-loading website, it’s time to introduce you to the innovative game-changer in Magento’s front-end solutions – Hyvä Themes. 

Hyvä: Is it Going to Be a Game Changer?

Hyvä Theme Is it Going to Be a Game Changer

In the constantly evolving landscape of eCommerce, it’s critical to ensure your online store is operating at its peak. Magento has long been a favored platform for eCommerce since it offers robust and flexible solutions for online stores. But now there’s a powerful new kid in the block that is enhancing Magento’s offerings – Hyvä.  

Hyvä Themes and Magento together form a potent combination for delivering exceptional user experiences, impressive conversion rates, and driving eCommerce success. 

Not convinced? If you are wondering what makes Hyvä + Magento the perfect combo for eCommerce success, then read on. We will walk you through our findings and what makes Hyvä Themes best for Magento stores. 

The Evolution of Magento and The Emergence of Hyvä 

Magento’s journey from being a comprehensive eCommerce platform to a market player is commendable. This platform is mainly known for its flexibility and vast customization capabilities. However, Magento’s dedicated or default frontend solution, Luma, started to lag, especially in terms of loading speeds and overall frontend performance.  

This paved the way for Hyvä Themes, which, since its launch in 2021, has demonstrated a significant performance boost for Magento stores.  

In comparison to Luma, Hyvä showed improved speed and efficiency. In fact, Google’s Core Web Vitals metrics reveal that over 50% of Hyvä-enhanced pages meet their UX standards, in contrast to just 20% of regular Magento pages. 

So, if you are wondering what Hyvä is? It’s a groundbreaking Magento theme that’s transforming the eCommerce landscape. With Hyvä, you can picture a lightning-fast, intuitive, and easy-to-operate interface. That’s Hyvä for you! 

The Luma to Hyvä Transformation: A Worthwhile Leap

Switching from Luma to Hyvä offers numerous benefits. Hyvä allows businesses to present customers with a high-performing, swift, and intuitive storefront. Plus, it enhances user satisfaction and boosts conversion rates significantly.  

The transition from Luma to Hyvä involves not only technological enhancements but also a comprehensive improvement in customer journey mapping. This complete overhaul paves the way for future success, providing a solid foundation for businesses to thrive. 

In short, Hyvä’s theme modernizes the process of Magento web development. By reducing unnecessary blocks and incorporating lightweight tools like Alpine.js and TailwindCSS, it delivers a simpler, less complex environment, akin to the ease offered by Luma’s tech stack. 

The Hyvä Revolution: A Deeper Understanding

The Hyvä Revolution: A Deeper Understanding

Hyvä, which translates to ‘good’ in Finnish, has rapidly gained recognition in the eCommerce world for its innovative and efficient approach to frontend design.  

One cannot understate the importance of website speed in today’s digital world. Statistics indicate that a mere one-second delay in page load time can result in a 7% decrease in conversions, which can equate to significant losses in revenue for businesses.  

So, with Hyvä’s remarkable loading times, businesses gain a competitive advantage that directly impacts on their bottom line. Hence, it’s not a surprise that Hyvä, which decreases the page load time significantly, has been emerging as a preferred choice for many Magento store owners. 

Why Go for Hyvä?

It’s simple. Hyvä is known for its robust performance while ensuring simplicity. 

The eCommerce scene is bustling. With eCommerce sales projected to reach $4.9 trillion globally in 2021, there’s no room for sluggish websites. This is where Hyvä makes a mark by taking performance seriously. It’s not only super-fast but also outshines its Magento sibling, the Luma theme, by leaps and bounds.  

As a matter of fact, this speed is very crucial when we consider that a 100-millisecond delay in load time can cause conversion rates to drop by 7%. 

In terms of user experience, Hyva is a clear winner with its Time to Interactive (TTI) metric. The TTI metric, a critical factor for user experience, is impressive with Hyvä.  

First and foremost, imagine all website functions becoming interactive in less than 2 seconds! This is a stark contrast to the typical 30 seconds for most Luma websites. This rapid responsiveness can reduce bounce rates by up to 20% and significantly improve user engagement. 

Moreover, Hyvä doesn’t keep itself limited to speed improvisation only. Rather, it excels in simplicity. It cuts down the bloated code and complex architectures, common with traditional Magento themes.  

With Hyvä, one gets to enjoy a neat, user-friendly, and developer-friendly interface. 

More Distinct Features of Hyvä: Setting It Apart

The Distinct Features

We’ve asked our Dev team to tell us how is Hyva Delivering on their promise and what sets them apart, here’s what they had to say.

“I was surprised Hyvä does what it says, lighthouse and GT Metrix scores were high 90’s just by redoing a theme. Working with Tailwind CSS was also a fun experience. Some of the 3rd party modules were not Hyva compatible and within a short time, we were able to add Tailwind CSS and make the module compatible. I cannot wait to start another Hyvä Project. “

User Experience (UX)

In fact, Hyvä’s clean, modern design significantly improves UX, making navigation intuitive and seamless. This user-friendly design philosophy not only looks appealing, but it also feels good to users, compelling them to spend more time on your site. This increased engagement ultimately boosts conversions.  

Elevating UX with Hyvä

Furthermore, Hyvä’s superior UX isn’t simply about aesthetics; it directly impacts conversions and sales. The ease of use and the appealing layout foster customer satisfaction and loyalty. A study revealed an astounding 300% increase in on-site events after implementing Hyvä Themes, indicating its direct influence on user engagement. 


As a matter of fact, Hyvä’s minimalist approach makes it a lightweight and scalable solution. Designed with a forward-looking perspective, it is ready to meet the evolving demands of modern eCommerce.  

Magento 2 Performance Optimization with Hyvä

Achieving compliance with Google’s Core Web Vitals is a continuous process that requires persistent optimization. While Luma requires constant performance tuning to meet these standards, Hyvä offers excellent performance right out of the box, provided it isn’t burdened with excessive, superfluous code. 

Aesthetics Matter

First, Hyvä stands tall with its contemporary, streamlined design, making navigation a breeze for users. 

Functionality is Key

Secondly, Hyvä takes the lead, showcasing a wide range of advanced features. You get customizable product pages, quick view options, and a responsive design that gracefully adjusts to all screen sizes. 

Customization is the game

Lastly, it allows you to play around with extensive customization options. Change colors, fonts, and other design elements at your will. 

In a nutshell, it outperforms its predecessor, accelerating your Magento site’s speed and user experience. 

Ready for Hyvä?

So, if you’re ready to up your eCommerce game and give your Magento store a facelift, Hyvä is your golden ticket. With its fast speed, simplicity, and cost-effectiveness – Hyvä is set to revolutionize your stores’ online shopping experience.  

If you are ready for the Hyvä, allow our experts to help you make the switch today! 

Our Thoughts

As the eCommerce industry advances, keeping pace with technological enhancements is crucial. Opting for Hyvä can result in significant performance improvements, superior UX, and scalability, ultimately leading to increased conversions.  

In the battle of Magento frontend frameworks, it has carved out a niche for itself, offering a powerful and swift eCommerce store that is ready to meet the challenges of modern eCommerce. 

In the future, we can expect to see it continue to shape the Magento landscape, driving faster, cleaner, and more efficient eCommerce solutions.  

As a merchant, if you are looking to ride the waves of eCommerce success with Hyvä, we can be your guide. Our certified developers with their expertise and knowledge can help you take complete advantage of the features that Hyvä offers. Contact us today! 

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