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Soumi Biswas

Soumi Biswas, with vast years in content writing, specializes in technical topics from eCommerce platforms to digital marketing. Known for engaging content, she’s also passionate about cooking and traveling.

Setting up and running eCommerce stores is quite a lot of hard work. So, it makes sense that watching potential customers vanish at the final

The eCommerce industry has become somewhat of a wonder in the modern market. Of course, there are several factors that lead me to make that

Acquiring potential customers and turning them into loyal customers requires much planning for eCommerce merchants. As we see from the image the amount of potential

According to Forrester, shopping cart abandonment causes eCommerce brands to lose $18 billion in sales revenue annually. This staggering figure is indicative of not just

Hello, Magento Peeps! Are you ready for something exciting? The renowned eCommerce event, Meet Magento India 2024, is returning to Ahmedabad! The event will be

It is no secret that the modern eCommerce landscape has practically become a battleground, with brands fighting for every click and conversion. Then there is

Get ready for an enriching experience at Meet Magento India 2024! It’s India’s most anticipated Magento conference for the Magento community. Get ready for February

eCommerce, once a novelty, has now been firmly established as a behemoth — one that not only continues to grow but also reshapes how we

Adobe Commerce has firmly established itself as a powerhouse in the ever-evolving world of eCommerce, seamlessly bringing together innovation with functionality like you have never

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