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How to Use SEO to Grow Your Email List Fast

Digital marketing is divided into so many categories, and the use of email is valued in many of them. Although you may think that emails are a thing of the past, we’re here to prove that this is still one of the most efficient methods of promotion and conversion. Read more here to find out more about the value of this approach, and we’ll focus on a closely related topic: SEO and growing your email list.

Is SEO useful for email list building at all? Usually, it’s used to make websites better visible in Google SERPs. But how can it influence how many people actually subscribe in 2021?

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SEO Influence on Email Lists

Email marketing and SEO are connected indirectly. The approach will help you gather the target audience in one email list without having to buy ads or create a free product to hook people (however, the latter will help a lot).

Here’s an algorithm of influence:

  1. Strategy creation and implementation.
    You create a wise, in-trend search engine optimization strategy for your website, landings, etc., especially for the page where you offer an email subscription.
  2. Website credibility and ranking improvement.
    Due to the right keywords and neatly built links (as described on myventurepad.com), your site becomes more valuable for Google, and it chooses your pages to show first to the target audience for your focus keyword.
  3. Organic and referral traffic increase.
    You get more people visiting your website to see what the brand or blog is about. This is done both due to the backlinks from other credible sources you’ve got, as well as the overall ranking improvement.
  4. More interest and more subscriptions.
    If your content is high-quality and interesting, many people will find it necessary to become a part of your email list. You’ll build trust with them by providing high-value content and getting references, so they won’t hesitate before offering you their email.

It’s all about reputation. However, if building an email list is your most important goal at the moment, you should build the optimization approach properly. This means more precise keywords indicating there’s an opportunity to subscribe and backlinks with similar anchors.

The links should lead to the main page, a landing, or the page where you offer visitors to become a part of the list directly.

Steps to Make to Utilize SEO for Email List Building

In case the information above seems overwhelming, here’s a step-by-step guide:

  1. Create content.
    Write content, invest in visuals, hire professionals to work on what will be on your website. Make sure everything caters to the perfect target profile of your customer. Take time to create a plan and make sure you have experts nearby to guide you.
  2. Optimize content.
    Hire an SEO specialist to edit your content in the way it will be most liked by both search engines and your visitors. Plan both on-site and off-site SEO to make your source flawless.
  3. Create an opt-in.
    This is an email you send to visitors that subscribed as a welcome and an offer to send them more materials. This is a more polite, ethical, and effective way to handle your email marketing campaign. Make the letter align with the content you were promoting, and offer value for the subscription.

Thus, you’ll definitely have people on the list who are interested in your brand, products, and services. You can group them depending on their place in the sales funnel and send different emails, making the strategy custom and gaining more benefits from it.

Best Ways to Improve SEO for Fast Results

If you want to know how to build an email list fast, you should know how to build an SEO list with the same speed. By that, we mean a working strategy that will improve your site’s ranking. Here are the basic things you’ll have to do:

  • Analysis.
    Analyze where your website is at now and where you should move. There’s a myriad of digital tools to help you with that.
  • Keyword research.
    Choose proper keywords for the campaign that are not too general yet not too specific as not many people will use them. Don’t overcrowd the content with key phrases, use them wisely.
  • Link building.
    Mentions by other sites will make you more noticeable and increase traffic and rating. Learn link building for SEO goals to get a higher ranking in the shortest time.

The SEO email connection is not obvious at first sight. However, as you get deeper, you see that proper optimization rules everything.

SEO influences all types of marketing, directly or indirectly. It all starts from building authority online, which is done through proper optimization. It’s not limited to the choice of keywords. It encompasses the quality and readability of content, the use and types of key phrases, link building, and much more. 

A great optimization strategy will bring your website to a new level, making it more appealing to your target audience. People will come by and many will want to know more. They will subscribe to your newsletters and become leads you’ll only need to convert into customers with great content and wise marketing.

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