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Wagento Welcomes You to Meet Magento India 2024!

Wagento Welcomes You to Meet Magento India 2024

Hello, Magento Peeps! Are you ready for something exciting? The renowned eCommerce event, Meet Magento India 2024, is returning to Ahmedabad! The event will be held at The Forum Convention Centre in Ahmedabad on February 10th, 2024. 

Who’s behind Meet Magento India? 

Who's behind MMIN?

Guess what? Wagento is proudly spearheading this grand event for the 7th time! With six successful editions behind us, we are thrilled to present the 7th edition.  

Who will find Meet Magento India event beneficial? 

Who will find Meet Magento India event beneficial? 

This event is perfect for developers, merchants, big industry leaders, online agencies, marketing professionals, and everyone who holds a profound interest in Magento and Adobe Commerce. It’s a place to connect, share innovative ideas, discuss the latest trends in Magento, and make new friends. 

What’s Meet Magento India all about? 

What's Meet Magento India all about? 

Meet Magento India is an integral part of the larger Meet Magento, a globally recognized event held in over 40 countries, including the USA, Germany, Japan, and many others. Meet Magento India attracts a diverse audience of Magento enthusiasts and experts, contributing to its status as one of the most significant events in the country for eCommerce enthusiasts. 

Why shouldn’t you Miss Meet Magento India? 

Why shouldn't you Miss Meet Magento India? 

Coming to Meet Magento India 2024 is like diving into a sea of knowledge about Magento and online shops. There are awesome insights, talks, discussions, workshops, and so much more. Here’s why it’s a must-visit: 

  • Networking Opportunities: It’s the perfect spot for those working with Magento to meet like-minded individuals. You can connect with other Magento fans, influential figures, and maybe even future partners! 
  • Sharing Knowledge: You’ll get to know all the latest trends in the Magento world, share your ideas, and find solutions to tricky online shop problems. 
  • Promoting Your Brand: It presents a great chance to showcase your brand and boost its visibility. 
  • Learning from Experts: You’ll meet experts from all over the world and learn new things about Magento eCommerce. 
  • Community Engagement: It’s an opportunity to meet Magento leaders, connect with community members, and gain new perspectives. 

What to expect at Meet Magento India 2024? 

We have three main parts: Business Track, Technical Track, and Solution Track. This year, our lineup of speakers is something we’re truly excited about. They’ll be sharing the latest insights and ideas about the future of Magento & Adobe Commerce. 

Join us at Meet Magento India 2024 

Join Wagento team at MMIN 2024

Get ready to meet our #MM24IN team at the event on 10th Feb 2024 in Ahmedabad. 

Our team looks forward to welcoming all speakers, sponsors, and attendees. We can’t wait to meet you there! 

Want to join the fun at Meet Magento India 2024? 

You can buy tickets right now from the Meet Magento India website. Mark February 10th, 2024, on your calendar and join us at The Forum Convention Centre for a day you won’t forget! 

Want to know about our Meet Magento India event?

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