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Transform Your eCommerce Game with Google’s New Generative AI Search 

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Staying ahead of the competition in today’s rapidly evolving landscape requires harnessing the power of cutting-edge technology and Generative AI in search is at the forefront of this wave of change. So, get ready to experience a new era of AI with Google.  

According to a 2020 McKinsey Global AI Survey, 63% of businesses have adopted AI in some form or other already. 

At the recently held Google I/O Conference, the search giant made some exciting announcements related to some updates and advancements in AI technology. 

Among several announcements, one announcement surely caught many off guard is the search giant’s plan to make use of generative AI for enhancing the search experience

Generative AI in Search 

AI that produces novel outputs from large datasets is referred to as generative AI. It can create various forms of media like text, pictures, music, and virtual reality, and determine the patterns and structures in them. 

The capacity of generative AI to understand and produce language that is human-like is what really changes the game in this situation. This capability ushers in a brand-new age for search engines. 

Based on research conducted by PwC, it has been found that 32% of customers would leave a brand they love after just one bad experience. However, with the help of Generative AI, an enhanced search experience can be created and it’s the key aspect of user retention and satisfaction.  

1.1. Understanding Generative AI 

In short, generative AI is a technology that makes use of machine learning (ML) to produce (or create) content in any form, such as text, images, audio, or aggregated data. 

While generative AI in search is still in its initial stages, people can participate in what the search giant calls a Search Innovation Experience at Google’s search labs

Well, through Search Labs, users will have the opportunity to experience and explore these advanced general AI capabilities. 

Now, let’s look at the ways Google is using Generative AI in search. 

2. The Way Generative AI Is Going to Improve Search 

The Way Generative AI Is Going to Improve Search

With the introduction of generative AI capabilities in Search, users are now going to experience a streamlined and efficient search process.  

2.1. Streamlined Search Process 

The AI-powered Search is going to take on the job of breaking down complex queries and start sorting out the most relevant information that’s going to help the user in understanding the query topic better. 

For instance, if a user asks a question like ‘What’s better for a family with a dog and kids below 3 years, Bryce Canyon or Arches,” then the Search is going to promptly provide a snapshot of key information relevant to the query.  

Well, the snapshot, powered by AI, is not only going to offer a concise overview of the query but also includes links for further exploration. 

Basically, users will be presented with suggested next steps, including the option to ask some follow-up questions. By selecting the options, users enter a conversational mode where they can directly inquire about their topic of interest to Google. 

Furthermore, users will discover helpful links to web content and a wide range of perspectives, enabling them to gain a comprehensive understanding of the subject matter. 

So, it’s time to say goodbye to the difficult search process and welcome the all-new effortless information retrieval process through AI-powered snapshots. 

2.2. Crafting Quality Content 

Traditional keyword research might become outdated as Google’s Artificial Intelligence develops and improves its ability to understand complex search queries.  

The focus should be on creating high-quality material that will provide comprehensive solutions to what users are asking. It is necessary to get to the core of the query and deliver the most satisfactory response. 

2.3. User Experience to Take Center Stage 

With Google going to produce AI-enhanced snapshots of crucial data, user expectations for immediate answers have soared. Prioritizing excellent UX design, distinct headings, and streamlined content navigation has become more critical than ever.  

Gone are the days of tolerating cryptic websites! Websites that lack optimization and structure are relics of the past—it’s time to welcome an era of simplicity and transparency! 

2.4. Voice Search: Engaging in Conversation 

The new Generative AI-integrated Search features are designed to showcase diverse web content, enhancing users’ exploration and driving valuable traffic to websites. In this regard, marketers have a lot to gain. It is going to increase visibility and drive more traffic to a website. Plus, this development presents a promising opportunity to reach a wider audience and optimize marketing strategies. 

Ads, serving as crucial connectors to relevant products and services, will continue to feature prominently, with clear distinctions from organic results. This in turn promotes a trustworthy search experience, upholding the integrity of the digital ecosystem. 

3. What Can These Changes Bring About? 

With generative AI powering search, let’s see what it might have in store for marketers and business owners. 

Marketing managers to business owners need to keep in mind that generative AI is set to reshape the way an end-user finds and uses information. Let’s delve into the core changes. 

3.1. Enhanced Customer Experience 

By enhancing search capabilities, generative AI helps users easily and quickly find what they’re looking for. This may greatly enhance users’ overall experiences on eCommerce websites and other online resources. 

3.2. Supercharged Market Research 

Traditional search engines cannot provide the amount of data and insights that generative AI can. Offering greater insights into customer behavior, market trends, and the competitive environment may significantly increase market research efforts. 

3.3. Personalized Marketing 

The user’s purpose may be understood by Generative AI to produce more specialized marketing efforts. It personalizes content for specific consumers, increasing engagement and boosting conversion rates. 

The generative AI in Google Search simplifies the shopping experience, making complex buying decisions easier and faster. It provides an overview of the crucial factors and a list of products to suit the needs of a user, with current reviews, ratings, prices, and photos.  

This feature is powered by Google Shopping Graph, the world’s largest dataset with over 35 billion product listings updating 1.8 billion new listings every hour, giving you recent and reliable results. 

4. Is Generative AI Going to Be the Future of Search? 

Looking to the future, generative AI is poised to revolutionize the search realm. As we anticipate a shift toward more interactive, intuitive, and intelligent search experiences, businesses must be ready to adapt. General AI’s ability to understand and generate text like humans which in turn lead to a conversational search model.  

This may involve engaging in a dynamic dialogue with the search engine, refining the search query, and getting more accurate results in real-time.  

This development will have important implications for businesses. Marketers will need to adjust their strategies to exploit the advanced search capabilities and rich data that generalized AI can provide. Business owners to marketing professionals will need to be familiar with how generalized AI works to fully exploit this revolutionary technology.  

4.1. What Studies Show about Generative AI? 

Let’s take a sneak-peak 

4.1.1. AI Adoption Rate 

According to McKinsey’s Global AI Survey, as of 2020, 63% of businesses had some form of artificial intelligence in place. In fact, according to Grand View Research, AI will continue to revolutionize various industries, with a CAGR of 37.3% from 2023 to 2030. This rapid growth confirms the increasing importance of AI technology in the coming years. 

4.1.2. Voice Search Usage 

Voice assistant usage is on the rise, with 32% of people aged 18-64 actively using technologies such as Alexa, Siri, and Cortana. Text search is catching up, especially in the mobile space. Currently, there are 66.3 million smart speakers installed in US households, and 44% of owners utilize voice assistants to control their smart home appliances. This tendency is anticipated to intensify as natural language processing (NLP) technology develops.  

4.1.3. AI’s Future Growth 

The estimated value of the worldwide AI market in 2021 was US$59.67 billion, and it is expected to increase at a CAGR of 39.4% until it reaches US$422.37 billion in 2028. The market for artificial intelligence is anticipated to grow from an estimated $86.9 billion in sales in 2022 to a startling $407 billion by 2027. 

Ready to Dive into the AI-Driven Sea? 

Ready to Dive into the AI-Driven Sea

Are you prepared to venture into the realm of AI-powered search?

Connect with our experts to harness the potential of generative AI in Search and unlock extraordinary benefits that your eCommerce business will get.


Generative AI is revolutionizing the search experience, empowering businesses to gain a competitive edge in the digital landscape. By leveraging AI-powered search engines, business owners and marketing managers can unlock new possibilities, understand their target audience better, and make informed decisions based on valuable insights.  

The integration of generative AI in search not only streamlines the process but also enhances the overall user experience, enabling businesses to thrive in an increasingly competitive market.  

Embrace the power of generative AI and supercharge your search to propel your business forward. 

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