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Top 5 Key Highlights from Google Marketing Live 2023

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The Google Marketing Live 2023 event has just wrapped up. Like Google I/O 2023, this year’s Google Marketing Live (GML) event was a groundbreaking one. This event was packed with significant announcements for marketers worldwide.  

The focus was strongly on artificial intelligence (AI), with Google unveiling several AI-powered features designed to streamline and optimize the world of digital marketing.  

It seems that Google intends to streamline and simplify the process for the creation of personalized product images, enhance the management of creative assets, boost the relevance of ads, and help the scaling of campaigns for advertisers and merchants. 

Now, let’s delve into the key announcements from the event. 

Friendly Ad Creation 

1. Friendly Ad Creation 

First, let’s talk about a thrilling new feature Google has in its work pipeline– the Conversational Experience in Google Ads.  

Imagine having a friendly guide through the campaign setup process. Well, that’s exactly what Google has planned. You’ll be able to feed information or prompts into Google’s AI-driven chat within the Google Ads interface. And voila! The system will create assets, including headlines and descriptions, tailored to your needs. This feature, which is set to start testing in July 2023, promises to revolutionize the way we approach campaign creation. 

2. A New Era of Product Imagery 

Second, let’s discuss about Google’s exciting new tool – the Product Studio. Digital marketers are always looking for ways to make their products shine, and this new feature is a game-changer. Edit and enhance images with AI. 

Whether it’s removing the background or enlarging the image, Product Studio has got you covered. What’s the best part of this tool? Well, this tool will be ready for action later this year. 

3. Bringing Creativity to Life: Search Generative Experience 

Next in line is Google’s Search Generative Experience (SGE). From Google I/O it was clear that Google is reinventing the search experience. Google’s plan is to integrate ads directly into this new conversational search experience, making it even more immersive and interactive for users. We got a glimpse into the potential future of ad monetization. So, just wait until you see what’s next for the world of search. 

4. Making Your Brand Shine: New Google Ads Features and Campaign Types 

As we continue our journey, let’s not overlook the new features added to Google Ads. Google Ads now includes brand restrictions in broad match and incorporates AI in Smart Bidding, giving you better insights and more control over your campaigns. 

Google also announced two new campaign types: Video view campaigns and Demand Gen campaigns. The former combines different ad formats to maximize video views, while the latter utilizes AI to engage and drive consumer action across multiple channels, including YouTube, Discover, and Gmail. 

5. Unlocking New Horizons: Google Merchant Center Next 

Unlocking New Horizons Google Merchant Center Next 

Lastly, Google is set to replace the current Merchant Center with a new and improved version, Merchant Center Next, by 2024. It leverages your website data to create product feeds and provides enhanced insights in its Performance tab, making the process easier for merchants. 

Well, these updates aren’t just about harnessing the power of AI. It’s about using that power to better connect with the target audience, make campaigns more efficient, and ultimately, drive better results for businesses. 

What We Felt Will Change Your Game?  

Here is a basic checklist that Wagento recommends you to follow before implementing the GA4 upgrade. Have a look: 

Get Ready with the Right Foundation 

  • Establish robust sitewide tagging with the Google tag, so you can capture the data that matters most to you. 
  • Set up enhanced conversions to improve the accuracy of your conversion measurement. 
  • Assign values to your conversions based on your business goals (e.g., revenue, profit margins, or lifetime value). 
  • Upgrade to Google Analytics 4 to gain deeper insights across your websites and apps. With predictive and modeling capabilities, Google Analytics 4 helps you prepare for the future of measurement. 

Maximize results with AI-powered Campaigns 

  • Combine AI-powered Search campaigns (with broad match) and Performance Max campaigns to drive more conversions across all of Google. 
  • Use value-based Smart Bidding across campaigns to invest in the conversions that are worth the most to your business. 
  • Improve your performance with strong creative input – create a wide range of text, image, and video assets and invest in the creative on your website. 
  • If you’re an enterprise Search customer: Upgrade to the new Search Ads 360 to access Performance Max and other cross-engine features. 

Shifts mindsets to set your organization up for success 

  • Engage your C-suite to reframe marketing as a profitable growth driver instead of a cost center. Directly align marketing KPIs with business goals and partner with your CFO to quantify marketing’s impact on key financial metrics. 
  • Create a culture of experimentation (test, learn, scale). 
  • Stay agile and break down silos (data, budget, and channel silos). 

Final Thoughts 

To sum up, Google Marketing Live 2023 highlighted Google’s commitment to integrating AI more deeply into digital marketing processes. Thereby, making the marketing process more efficient and insightful for marketers.  

These innovations announced at the event will greatly shape the future of digital marketing. If any of this sounds too complicated or too complex for your current team to handle Talk to our experts and let us help you.  

Stay tuned for the latest developments taking place in the world of marketing and eCommerce. 

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