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Top 5 Design Tips for Your Magento eCommerce Website Development 

Brent Peterson
Brent Peterson
Magento eCommerce

Magento is a feature-rich eCommerce platform that is built on flexibility and functionality. As a successful Magento company, Wagento Commerce understands the difficulty in designing visually appealing eCommerce websites that are also functional.  

We all know the importance of eCommerce stores and websites, and their popularity has increased during this pandemic. All age groups are now comfortable using eCommerce websites for their daily basic stuff. In fact, eCommerce websites can also provide you with medicines at your doorstep.  

As the popularity of eCommerce websites increased gradually, Magento looked forward to developing more eCommerce websites with the latest and advanced features and top designs to better attract customers.

What is Magento? 

Magento is an open-source platform that is specially designed for developing eCommerce applications. It is the most popular and best platform to develop eCommerce applications or websites used by millions of buyers and online store owners.  

Magento is an eCommerce website development platform that works on a Content Management System (CMS) used by millions of online business owners worldwide. Magento platform allows you to sell online, track the order, integrate with accounting systems and payment systems, as well as manage your inventory, and much more. 

This platform allows a business of any size to develop their eCommerce store or website and have full access to their online store and the CMS functionalities of Magento. It is rich in features, and it is also able to integrate with thousands of applications.  

The main reason why so many online sites are developed and designed using this amazing open source content management system is that it is mainly designed for eCommerce. If you want to make your eCommerce website the best, you must go through the 5 tips that will help you design your eCommerce website uniquely.  

Tips for designing your Magento eCommerce website 

Here are the basic tips for amazing Magento website development.  

  • Choose the correct theme 
  • Site structure and navigation 
  • AI-powered personalization 
  • Improved UI/UX 
  • Responsive web design 

Choose the correct theme. 

Selecting a theme and applying it is an essential part of any web design process. One should be very wise while choosing any theme; one should make sure that anyone else’s theme must not used.  

Theme can reduce the development time of a developer because it already has many features and tools inside the theme to save the developer cost and time. Select a theme that is unique and has the features and tools that you need to include in your website so you don’t need to add it manually.  

You must ensure that your theme is working properly because many developers have made mistakes by selecting the wrong theme and regretting later for it.  

Tips for selecting the proper theme: 

  • Understand your business goal 
  • Identify plans for growth 
  • Must have knowledge about the business size, category, and product amounts 

Some themes of Magento are not suitable for big websites; it works excellently for small websites as it doesn’t have many products and features in it. But if your website is going to be significant with more products, then select the theme as per the website size. Suppose the theme you need is not available. In that case, you can hire a Magento eCommerce development services company to design your website theme according to your requirements and the products that you want to add to the website. Then, you can make a custom website with the help of a Magento web development company.  

Site structure and navigation

One of the most critical things to keep in mind while designing any eCommerce website is the navigation because it is one of the main reasons why many online buyers can leave your website. If the buyers don’t find the navigation properly, they can get bored with the website and leave your website forever. Therefore, you should design and develop your website so that people find it easy to navigate through the pages and products on your website.  

Keep easy navigation in your top list while designing the website. Some buyers can open your homepage first, and some will directly open the product page; this can happen due to the links on other social media sites. All the products you sell should be on the list in an exemplary manner so that people can quickly sort between the products to find their desired product. Some buyers will spend time finding the products they want, and if they don’t get the product they need, there is a chance they can leave the website forever.  

AI-powered personalization

Magento has implemented artificial intelligence and machine learning to provide a personalized shopping experience to buyers. For example, you can provide an option to the customer to sort for the products they are searching for.  

The AI-powered personalization technology will help you learn shopping behavior with the help of a machine learning algorithm. This can help you target the right audience and develop the website according to the targeted customers. This can help your website get popular quickly.  

Improved UI/UX

User interface and user experience are the keys to any eCommerce website. That’s why it is important to have an improved UI/UX design to provide a better user experience. This improved user interface can also help in keeping easy navigation among the products and pages.  

An enhanced UI/UX design will ultimately boost customer satisfaction and increase user experience by developing a user-friendly website. Therefore, it is essential to improve UI/UX to provide a great user experience to the buyers for a better shopping experience through your website.  

Responsive web design

The web design you select or decide for your eCommerce website must be quick and responsive because if it takes time to respond, the buyers will get irritated with your website because of the page’s loading time.  

No one has time to wait for the page or website to load in today’s time. If your website takes more than a couple of seconds to load, it can also create a bad impression on the other buyers, and you can lose your customers because of this. Therefore, make sure to develop a responsive web design and website. If your website is not responsive, you can select a company that can provide you with a Magento development solution to fix your problem.  


Developing an eCommerce website is the best way to reach more and more users with your products. Every retail shop owner has their own eCommerce store or website to provide products to a wide range of customers.  

One must design the website to be attractive to customers and give them a fantastic shopping experience.  

For developing a marvelous eCommerce website design, you can refer to this blog. In addition, I have mentioned some amazing tips that can help you uniquely develop your Magento eCommerce website. 

Design Your eCommerce Reverie to Life with Wagento

Brent Peterson
Brent W. Peterson, President of ContentBasis LLC, is a pioneering eCommerce entrepreneur. His journey spans retail entrepreneurship to global workshops, with a passion for endurance sports. 

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