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Top Web Development Tools to Use in 2022

If you are a developer who is looking for the Top Web Development Tools to Use in 2022, then you are at the right place. Here, you will be acquainted with all the tools that you need to make your web development journey smoother in the future. Before diving into the topic, let us look closely into the meaning of web development.

“Web development can simply be defined as a procedure used to create websites and applications.” There are a number of steps involved in web development and each one has a different function to serve. The steps go all the way from designing the first layout to keeping the website/app running after its launch. A developer is assisted by various tools all along this process, let us learn about the ones you should use in 2022.

jQuery Builder from Wizardly

The perfect tool for using jQuery in recent years. It makes adding and removing classes a piece of cake. You can use the tool online and create jQueries on the fly. Various similar jQuery plugins are now hitting the market but as they are developed by third parties, they can have a potential risk factor. Apart from the security concern, these tools are been increasingly used making it something to make use of in 2022.

Cascading Style Sheets Tools

Cascading Style Sheets or CSS is an important factor that influences the aesthetic of the web design. The various popular tools that help generate CSS are as follows:

Less – It is a preprocessor type, style sheet language which is inserted into the compiler to create CSS.

Stylus – Another preprocessor type language in the dynamic stylesheet format used to generate CSS with a compiler.

Sass- A language that can be inserted into an interpreter or a compiler. It is also a preprocessor type.

CSSTidy- A CSS optimizer and parser.

Your CSS journey will become extremely easy by using these tools, making it a mandatory addition to the Top Web Development Tools to Use in 2022.

Google Fonts

Fonts are an essential part of every web design. To have the best typefaces within your design, you’ll need the best resources. One of which is undoubtedly Google fonts. A platform where you can download a font for free. You can choose from the library of thousands of fonts and preview them in different sizes and weights to get the best idea. After you are done choosing the right font, you simply need to upload them to your web development tool and make the necessary adjustments.


Started as a software version control hub, Github now provides hosting for software development. It is considered the number one software repository in the world with over 190 million repositories. The platform already has over 56 million users and the number is only expected to grow as more and more people are recognizing its efficiency. The projects on GitHub are mostly open-source and developers on the platform collaborate to create something spectacular every time.


If you were looking for a library for CSS, Java, or HTML, we have found just the right tool for you. Bootstrap is an open-source library that can be used to create mobile websites. The tool makes coding easy by providing you with ready-to-use elements and other components. If you are an experienced developer, creating layouts will become a very quick and easy process. Bootstrap supports various plugins and is compatible with the most famous tools in the market. It is an absolute no-brainer for you to make use of the tool in your next project.


JavaScript is still an indispensable part of web development and there is no other framework better for it than AngualrJS. The platform provided cross-platform solutions and is supervised by Google itself. It has a lot of third-party components with the flexibility to add your improvements. The tool has essential features for all the steps that an Angular JS development company follows in the entire project devolvement process. 

Visual Studio Code 

VSC is an open-source tool used by developers to edit codes. It is absolutely free to use, which is the reason behind its increasing popularity. It supports a huge variety of programming languages and can integrate easily with other tools like GitHub. VSC is optimized for building web and cloud applications and is used by most developers.

All of the tools on the list have gained immense popularity in recent times for making the development process easier for developers. These tools give developers an extra set of hands and have therefore become an essential part of developing. The popularity of these tools will only increase and hence they are the Top Web Development Tools to Use in 2022.

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