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Shopware’s Big Win in G2 Fall Reports 2023: A Proud Moment for Wagento 


At Wagento, we’re thrilled to share the remarkable accomplishments of our esteemed partner, Shopware, in the G2 Fall Reports 2023. Shopware’s dedication to excellence and innovation in the eCommerce domain has once again garnered significant recognition, and we couldn’t be prouder. 

Shopware’s Continuous Journey to Excellence

Shopware's Continuous Journey to Excellence

In 2022, the renowned G2 B2B peer review platform acknowledged Shopware as a pivotal player in the eCommerce and multichannel retail sector. Their exceptional usability in the Multichannel Retail category was particularly noteworthy. 

Well, Shopware’s journey didn’t stop there. Fast forward to 2023, and this eCommerce platform’s accolades continue to grow. G2 has honored this eCommerce platform with multiple Trust Badges, underscoring their unwavering dedication to excellence and customer satisfaction.  

This recognition is a testament to the invaluable insights and feedback from the platform’s diverse and vibrant community. You can read more about this eCommerce platform’s journey here. 

Understanding G2’s Role in the B2B Landscape

For those who might be unfamiliar, G2 is a leading B2B peer review platform with over 1.7 million genuine user reviews. It aids businesses in making informed decisions by providing unbiased reviews from verified users.  

These reviews cover various aspects of software, from its functionality and ease of use to its implementation time and recommendation likelihood. G2 has become an indispensable resource for companies seeking authentic feedback and objective testimonials. 

Notable Achievements in G2 Fall Report 2023

Let’s go through some of the notable achievements talked about in the G2 2023 Report. 

High Rating H3 

Shopware has received an impressive 4.4 out of 5 stars on G2. A staggering 89% of EMEA (Europe, Middle East, and Africa) reviewers believe Shopware is evolving as the perfect eCommerce solution, with the same percentage willing to recommend it to others. 

Multiple Awards

Shopware has set a new standard by securing 8 awards across different categories, all thanks to the positive feedback from its user community. In fact, a few days back, this eCommerce player even won 9 medals in the Paradigm Midmarket Report

Leadership in the EMEA Region

Shopware’s consistent performance has earned it the title of ‘Leader’ in the G2 EMEA Regional Grid® Report for 2023. It’s not just in the eCommerce platform category; Shopware is also a High-Performer in the Small-Business EMEA category. 

Recognition at the European Level

The G2 Europe Report for 2023 named Shopware a leader in the eCommerce platform category, highlighting its growth and performance at the European level.

This eCommerce platform is getting noticed all over Europe because lots of people like using it and are happy with it. It’s good to see that more and more people in Europe are supporting this eCommerce platform. It’s great that they got a special spot on the Europe list for online shopping platforms. And about that G2 list? More details will be shared by them in their portal soon.  

What It Says?

Consistent hard work leads to growth, and the award that Shopware got for Europe proves it! The G2 Europe Report for 2023 named us as a top player in the eCommerce platform area. The same report not only highlighted them as a top choice for eCommerce but also recognized their contributions to smaller European businesses under the Small Business Europe category. We at Wagento are super proud of their achievements! 

Big Win in Multichannel Retail

This eCommerce platform also received the “Multichannel Retail Leader 2023” badge in the G2 Fall Report. They also got this badge in 2022. This means that for two years, Shopware has been recognized as a top choice for stores that sell in many ways. 

Being named a leader show that this eCommerce platform does their job very well. At Wagento, we see how hard this eCommerce platform works. The world of online shopping is always changing, and Shopware keeps up with those changes. 

This badge is important. It tells us that Shopware is a trusted choice for many people who shop online. We are proud to work with them. 

Momentum Leader 2023: Shopware’s Special Badge

Shopware even received the “Momentum Leader 2023” badge. This means they are doing an excellent job according to G2’s 2023 Multichannel Momentum Report for Multichannel Retail.  

This isn’t just a regular award; it shows that it is focused and does what it set out to do. They keep up with what’s new and always aim to be the best. We at Wagento are so proud of them. 

Shining in the G2 Mid-Market Report

Shopware got a special badge called “High Performer Mid-Market” in the G2 Fall Report 2023. That’s a big deal! It’s not just about being popular in Europe. It’s about making lots of customers happy everywhere. 

Many customers are super happy with this eCommerce platform, and that’s why they got this awesome recognition in 2023. At Wagento, we’re so proud of them. And for businesses that are not too big but not too small, this eCommerce platform is their go-to choice. We’re so happy they got this award because of their happy customers! 

Join the Movement

If you are a Shopware merchant, then your feedback and insights are going to play a crucial role in shaping this platform’s future. If you’ve experienced the power and versatility of the platform, we encourage you to share your journey.  

By rating this eCommerce platform and sharing your insights, you can help revolutionize the eCommerce landscape and inspire others to join the eCommerce platform’s thriving community. Rate the platform on G2 now. 

Wagento’s Thoughts

Wagento's Thoughts

As a partner of Shopware, we at Wagento are very elated! We always believed in Shopware and seeing them win makes us super proud. We think Shopware is like a superhero for stores. And guess what? We’re here to help you too. If you’re thinking of using this eCommerce platform or if you’re already using it, we’re here to support you. For any queries, you can schedule a call with our team. 


In conclusion, as a Shopware partner, Wagento is incredibly proud of Shopware’s achievements. We believe in the power of collaboration, and together with this eCommerce platform, we aim to provide the best eCommerce solutions for merchants like you. Here’s to more success in the future! 

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