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The Top BigCommerce Payment Gateways for Seamless Transactions 

The Top BigCommerce Payment Gateways for Seamless Transactions 

Hello, BigCommerce store owners. Today, we’re diving headfirst into the world of BigCommerce payment gateways – the unsung heroes of eCommerce. These digital gatekeepers are the heartbeat of your online store, silently working in the background to ensure every transaction between you and your customers is smooth, secure, and seamless.  

But why should you care about payment gateways? Well, imagine a world where every customer transaction is a breeze, where cart abandonment rates plummet, and where your sales figures soar. That’s the power of a well-chosen or best payment gateway for BigCommerce comes in. Remember, it’s not just a tool; it’s a game-changer. 

So, do you want to supercharge your BigCommerce store? Or want to provide the best shopping experience to customers? Then, simply integrate the best BigCommerce payment gateway for your store.  

What are you waiting for? Buckle up, because we’re about to embark on a journey to discover the top BigCommerce payment gateways that can help you do just that. Let’s get started! 

Understanding BigCommerce Payment Gateway 

Understanding BigCommerce Payment Gateway 

Before diving into the specifics of the best payment gateway for BigCommerce, let’s understand what BigCommerce payment gateway is.  

A BigCommerce payment gateway is a software application that integrates with your BigCommerce store to facilitate online transactions. It’s like a digital bridge between your eCommerce store and the banking network.  

But BigCommerce payment gateways are more than just transaction facilitators. They are a powerful tool that can enhance your customers’ shopping experience. With the right gateway, you can offer a variety of payment methods, cater to international customers by accepting multiple currencies, and provide a smooth, frictionless checkout process. 

In simple terms, a BigCommerce payment gateway is a technology that facilitates online transactions between buyers and sellers. It’s like a digital version of a physical point-of-sale terminal located in most brick-and-mortar retail stores.   

However, when choosing a BigCommerce payment gateway, look for key features such as support for multiple payment methods, compatibility with different currencies, robust security measures, and more. 

How do the Payment Gateways Work on BigCommerce? 

You might be wondering, how do BigCommerce payment gateways work. Well, it’s a straightforward process. When a customer makes a purchase in your store, the payment gateway steps in to securely transfer the payment information from the customer to the merchant, and then onto the bank. 

The BigCommerce payment gateway encrypts the data to ensure its secure. After that, it is sent to the merchant’s bank. The bank then sends this information to the customer’s bank to approve or decline the transaction.  

Once the customer’s bank responds, the payment gateway communicates this back to your BigCommerce store. If the transaction is approved, the sale goes through. If it’s declined, the customer is notified. All of this happens in a matter of seconds! 

Integrating a Payment Gateway to Your BigCommerce Store 

Integrating a Payment Gateway to Your BigCommerce Store 

Integrating a payment gateway with your BigCommerce store is a relatively simple process.  

First, you’ll need to choose a payment gateway that best suits your business needs.  

Once you’ve made your choice, you’ll typically need to set up an account with the payment gateway provider. 

Next, you’ll need to go to your BigCommerce control panel, navigate to the “Store Setup” section, and then click on “Payments”.  

Here, you’ll see a list of available payment gateways. Find your chosen gateway, click on the “Set up” button, and follow the instructions to complete the integration. 

Remember, each payment gateway may have slightly different setup processes, so it’s important to refer to the specific instructions provided by your chosen payment gateway provider. 

Top BigCommerce Payment Gateways to Look For 

Let’s explore some of the top BigCommerce payment gateways for your BigCommerce store. 

PayPal powered by Braintree 

PayPal is a household name for online payments. It’s trusted by customers worldwide, which can help increase your store’s credibility. Plus, PayPal, with its offering PayFlow, is a payment aggregator that has native integration with BigCommerce in over 45 countries.  

It’s the most popular kid in the block, with many eCommerce businesses choosing it as their preferred payment gateway. Additionally, it offers robust security features to keep your transactions safe. 

Pros of PayPal 

Let’s delve into the advantages offered by this BigCommerce payment gateway. 

Unique Integration 

It’s like a puzzle piece that fits perfectly with BigCommerce, making it easy to set up and use. 

Global Reach 

It’s like a world traveler, operating in more than 190 markets globally, making it ideal for businesses with international customers. 

Dual Account Setup 

It’s like having a two-in-one deal, allowing you to set up a personal account along with the business account. 


Stripe stands out for its flexibility. It supports over 135 currencies and a variety of payment methods. Plus, its powerful API makes Stripe a favorite among developers, making integration a breeze. 

Pros of Stripe 

Let’s delve into the advantages offered by this payment gateway. 

Versatile Payment Options 

It’s like a buffet, offering a variety of payment options. 

Global Availability 

It’s like a world map, available in 42 countries. 

Competitive Processing Fees 

It’s like a good bargain, having competitive processing fees compared to industry standards. 

One-Click Checkout 

It’s like a fast-food drive-thru, offering a one-click checkout for quick and easy payments. 

Fraud Protection 

It’s like a security guard, protecting businesses against fraud. 


If you run both an online and physical store, Square is a great choice. It offers a unified solution for managing all your transactions, regardless of where they occur. 

Pros of Square 

Let’s check out the advantages offered by Square payment gateway for BigCommerce. 

Ideal for Low Volume Merchants 

It’s like a small boutique, being an excellent option for low volume merchants. 

Easy Setup and Quick Access 

It’s like a ready-to-go meal, easy to set up and quick to access. 

Online Store Building Functionality 

It’s like a construction kit, offering online store building functionality. 

Simple Invoicing 

It’s like a straightforward recipe, having simple invoicing. 


Authorize.Net is known for its advanced fraud detection capabilities. If security is a top priority for your store, this gateway deserves your attention. Authorize.net is a global solution offering BigCommerce payment gateway services for millions of users. It’s like a universal remote, compatible with various payment types including card payments, contactless payments, and e-checks. 

Pros of Authorize.Net 

Let’s see the advantages of using this BigCommerce payment gateway for your store. 

Transparent Pricing 

It’s like a clear glass, having no hidden fees and being reasonably priced. 

Mobile Access and Transaction Data 

It’s like a mobile office, allowing access to transaction data anywhere. 

Good Customer Service 

It’s like a helpful assistant, providing satisfactory customer service. 

Solid Sandbox Environment 

It’s like a playground, providing a solid sandbox environment conducive to testing. 


2Checkout is a BigCommerce custom payment gateway that helps business owners tackle the complexities of digital commerce globally. It’s like a universal adapter, compatible with nearly all major credit card payments. 

Pros of 2Checkout 

Let’s check out the perks of using the 2Checkout payment gateway. 

Multi-Language and Multi-Currency Support 

It’s like a global translator, supporting 15 languages and 100 currencies. 

Customizable Checkout Page 

It’s like a blank canvas, allowing users to create their own checkout page. 

Integration with eCommerce Platforms 

It’s like a universal plug, allowing integration with 120 eCommerce platforms. 

Customer-Friendly Shopping Experience 

It’s like a friendly shopkeeper, offering a customer-friendly shopping experience. 

Well, these are some of the popular payment gateways that can be used for your BigCommerce store. Just go with the one that meets your needs. Now, let’s take a moment to pick the right payment gateway for your store. 

Importance of Choosing the Right Payment Gateway 

Choosing the right BigCommerce payment gateway is more important than you might think. It directly impacts the customer experience.  

A smooth and secure checkout process can enhance customer satisfaction and encourage repeat business. On the other hand, a complicated or unreliable checkout process can lead to cart abandonment and lost sales. 

Moreover, a good payment gateway can help increase your conversion rates. By offering multiple payment options, you cater to a wider audience, increasing the likelihood of purchase.  

And let’s not forget about security. With cybercrime on the rise, having a payment gateway with robust security features and fraud prevention mechanisms is a must. 

Now that we know the importance of payment gateways, let’s explore a bit about BigCommerce payment gateways. 

How to Choose the Best Payment Gateway for BigCommerce? 

Choosing the best payment gateway for your BigCommerce store is a crucial decision. It’s not just about transaction fees or the number of payment methods supported. It’s also about the security features, customer service, and overall user experience the gateway provides. 

First of all, consider your target audience. What payment methods do they prefer? If you’re catering to an international audience, does the gateway support multiple currencies? How about mobile payments? These are all important factors to consider. 

Secondly, consider the reputation of the payment gateway. Look for reviews and testimonials from other BigCommerce store owners. A payment gateway with a strong track record can boost your store’s credibility and help build trust with your customers. 

Remember, the best payment gateway for BigCommerce stores is the one that aligns with your business needs and enhances your customers’ shopping experience. So, take your time, do your research, and make an informed decision. 

Our Thoughts 

In conclusion, choosing the right payment gateway is a critical step in building a successful eCommerce store. It can enhance the user experience, boost your store’s credibility, and ultimately, increase your sales. So, don’t underestimate the importance of using the right BigCommerce payment gateway. 

If you have any difficulty integrating any one of the BigCommerce payment gateways, get in touch with us. We will be more than happy to help you out. We will guide you choose the right payment gateway so that the customers don’t find it difficult or inconvenient to shop from your website or app. 

Get Professional Help 

Get Professional Help 

Hope this blog post has shed some light on the top BigCommerce payment gateways and helped you make an informed decision. But remember, this is just the beginning. The world of eCommerce is vast and constantly evolving, so it’s important to stay informed and adaptable. 

If you need help with BigCommerce payment gateway integration, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at Wagento. As a BigCommerce Elite Partner, we have the expertise and experience to ensure your BigCommerce payment gateway integration is smooth and successful.  

Our team at Wagento is here to help you navigate the world of BigCommerce seamlessly.  

So, why not take the next step in your eCommerce journey with us? Reach out to our team today for a consultation. We’re excited to help you enhance your BigCommerce store and provide the best possible shopping experience for your customers. 

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