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CRM Wins: Top 5 Benefits of Adopting a CRM Platform

Brent Peterson
Brent Peterson
CRM Wins: Top 5 Benefits of Adopting a CRM Platform

All business leaders want to do the best they can to cultivate customer loyalty, effectively communicate with clients, and provide their target market with the most relevant content and products for their needs, and a CRM is capable of streamlining each of these tasks. Because of their efficient and intuitive features, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platforms have gained significant attention in recent years. In fact, a report generated by FinancesOnline predicts that the global CRM market will be worth an estimated $81.9 billion by 2025.

Companies of all shapes and sizes can benefit from implementing a CRM. Whether your business goal is to improve customer loyalty, generate more relevant content, or create more engaging marketing campaigns, a CRM can help you reach success without forcing you to sacrifice more of your time. Here are 5 key ways this software can make your job more efficient and effective than you ever thought possible:

Centralized Source of Information

A CRM platform conveniently places all essential client information in one single location, such as each individual’s buying history, their lifetime value, support tickets they’ve submitted, contact details, and much more. Instead of having to sift through several different spreadsheets, emails, and other data sources, you and your team will have immediate access to any client’s record with just a few clicks. You’ll never have to worry about a customer’s data being updated on one source and left the same on another platform, which can eliminate a lot of confusion and lost productivity within your business.

Productivity Tools

Adjusting to a new platform or customer system may sound like a hassle to some employees, so CRM developers have included a wide variety of productivity-boosting features that show how valuable and efficient their systems truly are. New users will have access to calendar integrations, customizable templates for everything from email sequences to blog posts, checklists, task queues, and other workflow tools that will keep people focused on their daily to-do lists. These productivity features can also make it easier for workers to follow up on mundane tasks, like updating client information or record-keeping, instead of letting these responsibilities fall to the wayside.

Enhanced Personalization Capabilities

Since CRM platforms continue to collect and analyze data about your industry and specific target markets, your customers can expect highly personalized experiences on and off your eCommerce site. For instance, if a visitor to your website adds a product to their cart and exits the page without purchasing it, this action can trigger a drip campaign to send them relevant messages reminding them of the item they wanted. You can also refer to user data to generate original content, such as blog posts, articles, and social media campaigns, that will resonate with the majority of your audience.

Marketing Reports

CRM software and automation features work together seamlessly to generate reports about which marketing channels attract the greatest number of customers. Furthermore, these detailed reports can show you the types of deals that generate the most revenue, such as social media posts, PPC campaigns, organic search, or other sources that influence buyer behavior. Tools like HubSpot can create these reports automatically, so you and your team can regularly review and readjust your marketing strategies as necessary.

Improved Efficiency

Thanks to automation tools, a CRM can eliminate the need for employees to complete routine tasks, follow up on drip campaigns, and answer common questions from customers. For example, a chatbot can interact with a user on your site to point them in the right direction right away. Automated tasks can cut down on the time needed to email new leads, nurture potential clients, or follow up with past clients. Additionally, setting up parameters to automatically score possible leads makes it easier for marketing teams to prioritize which people to connect with first.

If you want to get your own team set up with a CRM, Wagento can easily merge clients’ contact information from your Magento site to the HubSpot platform. With custom API integrations, simple data migration tools, and informative dashboards for retailers, HubSpot is an ideal choice for growing businesses.

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Brent Peterson
Brent W. Peterson, President of ContentBasis LLC, is a pioneering eCommerce entrepreneur. His journey spans retail entrepreneurship to global workshops, with a passion for endurance sports. 

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