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The Future Looks Bright for GrandVision

Establishing a great online presence and building an accessible, attractive website are two keys for long-term eCommerce success for any company. For the world’s largest optical retail network, these priorities were even more important.

When GrandVision requested help from Wagento to improve and expand their online offerings for customers, they were confident that the Magento platform would be the right fit for their business. After several weeks of hard work, the project came to a close in March of 2020. Here are GrandVision’s results after working with the Wagento team.

About Grand Vision

GrandVision is a multinational optical retailer based out of Amsterdam. Globally, the company has over 30 brands and 7,200 stores that serve customers across 40 different countries. As the biggest worldwide network of physical stores, eCommerce stores, and other optical services, GrandVision is proud to be one of the most accessible eye care retailers around the globe.

GrandVision excels at both optical sales and eyewear manufacturing. They offer sunglasses, contact lenses, frames, and lenses at affordable prices for any budget. GrandVision strives to offer customers “an affordable choice without having to compromise on quality, functionality or design.” 

Project Goals

GrandVision became interested in Wagento as a partner when they decided to move into the Latin American market. The priority for GrandVision was selecting a Magento development agency that was familiar with the local market and could help them establish their online presence across Latin America. Furthermore, they required a web development team that could implement Magento as a backend to their stores to replace their antiquated JavaScript-based system. 

Broadly speaking, GrandVision had 4 ultimate goals while partnering with Wagento:

  • Replace their antiquated backend system 
  • Begin utilizing the Magento Cloud
  • Implementing Magento Order Management
  • Connect 40 optical stores in Peru

After this first phase of the project was complete, GrandVision had a secondary goal to incorporate all of its stores across Latin America, including stores in Peru, Colombia, Argentina, and Mexico.

Development Process

Soon after starting the project for GrandVision, Wagento hit a few roadblocks. First, the development team discovered that GrandVision’s current middleware didn’t meet the basic requirements for them to move forward as planned. The team had to regroup to think about how to approach the issue in an efficient manner. 

After discussing the delay with GrandVision, Wagento had to complete certain tasks within Magento itself to make sure the system would work properly with the updated platform. Developers had to attach external ERP systems in warehouses to Magento and Magento Order Management, making customizations of Magento’s own middleware.

Building directly through Magento itself was a key part of the building process. Along with creating custom solutions for GrandVision’s POS system, the development team also implemented a PaaS (platform as a service) on the eCommerce site.

Project Results

The project was officially launched in March of 2020. The site became live for 40 different stores throughout Peru, connecting customized POS systems to the Magento backend for ease of use. Wagento also helped the internal team at GrandVision learn more about the Magento platform and how they could troubleshoot common issues on their own.

This project proved to be successful for both GrandVision and Wagento as a whole. GrandVision got a fresh start in a new market while Wagento further established itself as an expert in the Latin American eCommerce market. The development team was also able to show off their skills at building customized solutions, solving problems with flexibility and agility, and creating a Magento backend without a Magento frontend. 

Final Thoughts

Do you have an eCommerce project that’s too complex, time-consuming, or confusing to figure out on your own? The Wagento development team is standing by to help! No matter what your eCommerce business goals are, our expert developers can create a custom solution to fit your timeline and budget. Connect with us today to learn how a well-designed, modern website can transform your business for the better!


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