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H-E-B Mexico Upgraded Their Magento eCommerce Store with Wagento.

When H-E-B Mexico, one of the most recognizable supermarket chains throughout North America, required an eCommerce upgrade, Wagento was quick to provide lasting changes to help modernize the brand. H-E-B was immensely successful in opening physical stores, with over 400 H-E-B supermarkets operating today, but the company’s eCommerce store needed an extra boost to reach its full potential.

About H-E-B

In 1905, H-E-B was launched as a small family store in Texas. The founder, Florence Butt, valued customer satisfaction above profits, cultivating a brand focused on friendly service and low prices. In 1919, Florence’s son, Howard, took over the business and committed to expanding the company throughout the state of Texas. By the 1990s, H-E-B had expanded its own product offerings and opened its first branch in Mexico, establishing itself as an international brand. 

Today, H-E-B operates more than 340 stores and employs over 100,000 employees in Texas and Mexico. Furthermore, H-E-B produces several grocery items in their own domestic manufacturing facilities to ensure that customers can get high-quality products at affordable prices.

Project Goal

Remaining true to their values, H-E-B asked Wagento to help them improve their online customer experience. The key focus of the project was developing a responsive, mobile-friendly site that would make online shopping streamlined and easy. Then, developers helped the brand update and refine its designs to maintain consistency across all of its websites, including the Mexico-based Mi Tienda site, which was recently moved to the Magento platform.

The Wagento team had to carefully navigate through H-E-B’s highly customized websites to apply code fixes, improve key features, and update the sites’ designs. Developers strived to give the brand a seamless design overall, while still maintaining the unique characteristics and color schemes of each chain’s individual websites.

Finished Product

After carefully following the best practices for web design and fixing complicated customizations to H-E-B’s websites, H-E-B had a modernized look and was thoroughly prepared for any future upgrades or changes. Wagento developers who worked on the H-E-B project cited the following key achievements they made during the process:

  • Improved UX by creating more intuitive navigation features and developing a more mobile-friendly design
  • Integrated the Mi Tienda site with the brand’s current Magento store to ensure seamless changes in the future
  • Incorporated Magento’s native features to eliminate unnecessary customizations and clean up the site’s code

Reach Out to Us!

H-E-B’s commitment to keep up with changing consumer needs is one of the primary reasons for its continued success after 115 years. Wagento was proud to work with a brand that remains so committed to its core value of putting the customer first.

If your website is in need of an upgrade, redesign, or platform migration, Wagento can help! Certified Magento developers and experts will work with you to create a customized plan for improving your site, maintaining its performance, applying security patches, and much more. Just reach out to us here and we can get started!


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