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Branding Strategies for Small Businesses  


Small businesses, like all companies, can benefit from employing certain branding strategies, as doing so provides a competitive advantage over entities with less-defined brands. It’s critical for businesses to understand branding and use branding best practices. B2Commerce presents some strategies that can help you brow your own small business.  

Branding Basics  

Branding comprises the activities that businesses undertake to build and differentiate their brand in people’s minds. The reward is that a company’s brand “helps people identify a company, product, or individual.” Building a strong brand is how companies increase their recognition among customers, helping them attract and retain buyers.  

Finding Your Brand’s Audience  

Keep in mind that building a brand that appeals to everyone is almost impossible. Conversely, a better approach is to first identify the type of person your company’s brand should appeal to. This is your company’s audience, and to begin, it can be helpful to figure out who they are from a demographic standpoint, considering factors like age, gender, religion, occupation, and so on.  

It will also be helpful to learn about their motivations, interests, and values. For instance, a brand designed to appeal to motorcycle-riding men in their 50s will likely look quite different from one meant to draw in expecting mothers.  

Communicating with Pros  

Many ingredients go into branding, including the price of your product, the materials it’s made of, its packaging, and any marketing efforts. As such, you may need to hire outside professionals for certain brand-related tasks. Two examples are web and graphic designers, who can create an internet presence and visuals that match your company’s desired image.  

Proper communication is key here. For instance, many businesses use JPG files to send visual concepts to designers, but unfortunately, these images lose quality when compressed. To head off that issue, a JPG-to-PDF converter is a helpful tool. These can also save time by merging several JPGs into one PDF, cutting down on the number of messages and attachments needed.  

Knowing When to Shift  

When you’ve rolled out your brand, be on the lookout for signs that it’s missing the mark. Pay attention to your marketing efforts, as marketing supports your brand. For instance, reasons marketing efforts struggle include targeting the wrong audience, which may point back toward an ill-defined brand audience in the first place.  

Another pitfall is failing to communicate through multiple marketing methods. It’s important to identify and use multiple channels on which your audience is active. Then, use analytics to track the results, as this can help you see whether people are engaging with or ignoring your message. The former is a good sign, while the latter signals tweaks are necessary. All the while, ensure your branding is consistent across platforms.  

Learning More About Business  

To learn about branding — and many other business topics — consider an online business school. Earning a business degree can help you sharpen your business skills, and doing so through an online program will provide added flexibility, letting you keep up with work, entrepreneurial, and family commitments. Before you commit to an online school, though, be sure to verify that it’s accredited and offers reasonable tuition costs.  

Building a Successful Brand  

Audience identification and effective communication help form the bedrock of a successful branding project, as does a desire to keep learning. Keep those facts in mind, and your brand will benefit. 

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Ed Carter is a guest blogger and has worked with clients of all ages, backgrounds, and incomes. About 10 years into his career, he saw a need for financial planners who specialize in helping individuals and families living with disabilities.

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