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Best Practices to Deliver a Great Customer Experience in 2021

Brent Peterson
Brent Peterson
Best Practices to Deliver a Great Customer Experience in 2021

Customer experience has become one of the most vital factors for business success. Nowadays, consumers hold all the power when it comes to purchasing decisions. The market is so oversaturated with various offers and businesses that it’s quite seamless for consumers to take their pick.

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the market is highly competitive, which makes it increasingly difficult for companies to grab consumer attention, let alone encourage them to purchase their products or services.

So, for eCommerce stores and other B2C, as well as B2B companies, it’s an ongoing battle for customers in a highly dynamic environment. However, customer experience is one of the things that can really make a difference.

Any company or online store that can provide its customers with an exceptional experience will manage to overcome any obstacles and eventually succeed regardless of how competitive the market may be. With that in mind, here are a few of the best practices for delivering a great customer experience in 2021.

Know your audience well

The key to delivering a truly great customer experience is in understanding your audience. Knowing what your customers want, need, and expect, among other things, will allow you to craft an experience that they’ll prefer. It also allows you to create customer or buyer personas so that you can communicate with your audience more efficiently.

This is where market research can be of great assistance. To create an exceptional customer experience you have to research not just your audience’s preferences but their behavior as well. The best approach is to conduct a competitive analysis.

Aside from allowing you to take a peek at what your competitors are doing and which strategies they are using, this analysis also allows you to determine how your audience interacts with other brands and how they react to various offers. This is essential, especially for eCommerce stores, because you want to offer something unique so that your audience will choose your store over all the others.

Optimize your website

Website functionality and design are vital factors in customer experience. Your customers will spend a great deal of time browsing your pages, searching for what they are looking for.

How your website looks and how it performs will affect your customers in more ways than one. That’s why it’s essential to optimize everything the right way. That said, here are a few things you should focus on:

  • Improve page loading time and overall website speed
  • Ensure seamless navigation and user-friendliness
  • Optimize for mobile and implement a responsive design
  • Include personalization in your website’s design
  • Create awesome landing pages
  • Categorize and organize your product pages
  • Ensure a seamless checkout process

Organize your staff

Your employees also play a vital role in customer experience. They may be behind the scenes, aside from your sales, service, and support staff, but they are crucial for meeting customer expectations. This is especially true for the people who work in your supply chain.

Same or next-day deliveries are possible because of suppliers, warehouse staff, drivers, and other personnel. This is why it’s of the utmost importance to organize your staff well. You can leverage the help of modern technology to make everything as seamless as possible.

For example, you can use time and attendance software to organize employee shifts. That way, you’ll always have someone working in sales or customer service and support. Therefore, whenever a customer wants to contact your store, you’ll always have someone fresh ready to answer questions or resolve issues.

In addition, by organizing your staff, you will never run out of drivers to make deliveries, for example, or run out of warehouse workers who will label and prepare goods for delivery.

Leverage omnichannel marketing

Marketing is also very important in delivering a great customer experience. Customer experience is not only about how your customers browse your website or how you interact with them when they’re ready to buy.

Customer experience, especially an exceptional one, begins the moment you acquire a new lead. Your leads need to be nurtured throughout the entire buyer’s journey. You have to be there for customers at every point and be able to meet their expectations. Omni-channel marketing can help you out in this endeavor.

Aside from delivering personalization to leads, you engage them through various marketing channels, which help you nudge them in the right direction. That way, you can lead prospects down your sales funnel much more efficiently and provide them with an awesome experience each step of the way.

Customer experience is more important than ever. Consumers expect that brands and online stores will deliver an amazing experience. If you cannot deliver, they will find someone who can.

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Brent Peterson
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