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Give your eCommerce store a complete tune-up! We've joined forces with our partner Signifyd to bring you our Commerce Boost offering, which has everything you need to buff up your website. Engines need oil changes, and most sites need a tune-up, so let us help you give your website the TLC it needs today!

There is a reason why Walmart and Amazon value website speed - what if we could improve yours quickly at a low cost?

Walmart and Amazon both recognized a 10% increase in revenue for every second they shaved from their load times!

We value speed and performance here at too, which is why we are offering our Commerce Boost!

Find out your website's load time results and uncover problem areas!

Just use this Performance Check Tool!

In-depth performance review

As the first step in the Commerce Boost, our comprehensive performance reports will identify exactly what is slowing down your website! Uncover problems that may exist on your home page, category pages, and product landing pages.

Step by step plan to improve any problems the review uncovers

We will draw up an improvements roadmap and take care of a few tasks for you. There’s nothing like quick wins for performance gains! In addition, we’ll provide you with a roadmap for longer-term improvements you can do to continue to boost your store’s overall speed.

UX/UI recommendations for optimized shopping

Fast website speed is a must, but it won’t make up for poor website functionality! As part of the Commerce Boost, we’ll provide you with UX and UI recommendations, so you can streamline your customers’ experience and nurture quicker checkouts and greater sales!

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Training for better ways to use your platform

Website efficiency goes well beyond your store’s front-end. Through a tailored 2-hour training session with an eCommerce strategist and certified Magento trainer, you and your staff will be able to ask questions, uncover knowledge gaps, and find areas to make managing your eCommerce store easier and more successful.

Signifyd’s Commerce Protection Platform

If you’re looking for something a little extra than what our basic Commerce Boost offers, you can choose to go “Deluxe” with Signifyd’s Commerce Program! This program is the ultra-shine-clear-coat-protectant to an otherwise scrub-and-rinse only offering!

  • Automatically and quickly review orders
  • Payments Compliance - automatically review orders
  • Revenue Protection - sift out all fraudulent orders
  • Abuse Prevention - post-purchase fraud detection

Signifyd provides an end-to-end Commerce Protection Platform

that leverages its Commerce Network to maximize conversion, automate customer experience and eliminate fraud and customer abuse for retailers. Signifyd counts among its customers & several companies on the Fortune 1000 and Digital Commerce 360 Top 500 lists. Signifyd is headquartered in San Jose, CA., with locations in Denver, New York, Mexico City, Belfast and London.

Whether you are ready for a “boost” right now or you’re just a little curious, we will meet you exactly where you’re at! We just need a couple details, and one of our specialists will reach out to you!


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