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Give your eCommerce store a complete tune-up with Wagento! Engines need oil changes, and most sites need regular upkeep, so let us help you give your website the TLC it needs today! 

Walmart and Amazon both recognized a 10% increase in revenue for every second they shaved from their page load times! If companies like these can see the value in optimizing speed and performance, you should too. 

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Wagento's Website Speed and Performance Optimization Checklist

1. In-depth performance review

Wagento's comprehensive performance report is the first item in our website speed and optimization checklist. We will identify exactly what is slowing down your website and uncover problems that may exist on your home page, category pages, and product landing pages.

2. Step by step plan to improve any problems the review uncovers

Next, Wagento will draw up an improvements roadmap and take care of a few tasks for you. There's nothing like quick wins for performance gains! In addition, we'll provide you with a roadmap for longer-term improvements you can do to continue to improve your page load speed.

3. UX/UI recommendations for optimized shopping

Fast website speed is a must, but it won't make up for poor website functionality! As part of our checklist, we'll provide you with UX and UI recommendations, so you can streamline your customers' experience and nurture quicker checkouts and greater sales!

4. Training for better ways to use your platform

Website efficiency goes well beyond your store's front-end. Through a tailored 2-hour training session with an eCommerce strategist and certified Magento trainer, you and your staff will be able to ask questions, uncover knowledge gaps, and find areas to make managing your eCommerce store easier and more successful.

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Receive a Code Audit to uncover issues causing damage to your website health.

Poor code quality can make eCommerce websites expensive and difficult to maintain. A code audit from Wagento will help your team identify underlying issues with your website, from technical bugs to security weaknesses.

Meet Hyvä: The new Magento frontend theme build for speed and performance.

Another option to explore when it comes to your website speed and performance optimization is switching to the new Hyvä frontend theme for Magento. Hyvä is fast, smooth, streamlined, and easy-to-use. Learn more about this platform and making the switch!

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