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Wagento builds, designs, implements and executes eCommerce solutions to fit your needs. We combine Minnesota nice, Latin salsa, a hefty degree of technical knowledge and some kickass to deliver an Enterprise level website. We are an agency of 20 + people who work cohesively to leverage the entire Magento community to solve difficult problems and deliver outstanding solutions for nearly every budget.

Latest News

Magento Migrations: MagentoGo and ProStores

Early in July, Mark Lavelle, the SVP of Product and Strategy at eBay Enterprise announced that as of February 1st, 2015, Magento Go an ...

Magento Upgrades


Eventually, most Magento website owners will experience the desire to upgrade. Perhaps the desire stems from ...

GIT Merges and Branches

Git merging and branching is always an issue, and without Git-flow things can get complicated. Here are some simple rules we go by at Wagento.

There will be two scenarios that you will branch from:
1) Branch from Master - You are creating a simple feature that wi ...

Want to Increase Your Conversion Rate? Try Google Trusted Stores.

Did you know we are running out of helium in the world? And soon we might not even have Clint Eastwood! At least the number of ecommerce stores is growing. But increasing competition with ecommerce stores makes it hard ...

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