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Yotpo Selected As Magento’s Bundled UGC Provider

Female Avatar Author Nikki Lanzer January 23, 2020

A recent survey showed that over 75% of online shoppers read customer reviews before deciding to buy the product or continue browsing. Due to concern about online scams and receiving fake or low-quality products, most eCommerce users seek out genuine content from real customers who can provide social proof through written reviews, photos, or videos.

Since user-generated content (UGC) can often be the most influential factor in a buyer’s purchasing decision, eCommerce sellers must make UGC an essential part of their overall marketing strategy. After recognizing this need and testing a variety of solutions, Magento announced at this year’s MagentoLive Europe event that Yotpo has been selected as the platform’s bundled UGC provider.

What is Yotpo?

Yotpo was founded in 2011 by Tomer Tagrin and Omri Cohen after Tagrin bought a subpar camera due to fake reviews on the product’s web page. Tagrin’s initial frustration with untrustworthy UGC ultimately led to the highly advanced solutions that Yotpo provides for merchants today.

With Yotpo, online sellers can efficiently collect and display UGC, launch loyalty programs, encourage customer advocates, and boost their referrals while improving their company’s transparency. Due to its range of customizable options and solutions, Yotpo is trusted by some of the world’s fastest-growing brands, such as Steve Madden, GoPro, ThirdLove, Esurance, MVMT, and other highly successful businesses.

Benefits for Magento Users

Sellers on Magento 2.3.3 can enjoy quick and easy implementation now that Yotpo’s widgets and scripts are pre-installed on the Magento platform. Along with having the benefit of having a built-in UGC provider, a few major advantages of this integration also include:

  • Performance analytics. With the bundled integration, merchants can easily check their UGC data in a dashboard conveniently displayed in the Magento admin.
  • Reliability. Magento’s thorough Functional Testing Framework has ensured the reliability, speed, and security of Yotpo.
  • Imported reviews. You don’t have to worry about losing your pre-existing reviews when you switch to Yotpo. In a few easy steps, you can transfer any previous UGC from the native solution or other reviews provider to Yotpo.
  • Tech updates. Yotpo is consistently innovating, and Magneto sellers will now have access to the latest cutting-edge releases, product launches, and other updates.

How to Start Using Yotpo

If you’d like to increase your sales and boost consumer trust, you can start leveraging UGC with Yotpo today! Users running Magento version 2.2 and above can get started with this step-by-step guide, and stores running on earlier versions can access setup instructions by clicking here.

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