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Why You Should Attend the 2021 Virtual Adobe Summit

Brent Peterson
Brent Peterson

For the second year in a row, the annual Adobe Summit conference will take place entirely online. This event will be completely free to anyone who would like to attend, and all classes, workshops, and keynote presentations have been created specifically with an online audience in mind. The annual Big Dam Run 5K, hosted by Magento, will also be held virtually from April 10-17, which will give people an early opportunity to start networking and connecting with other like-minded individuals before the Summit even begins!

If you’ve never attended Adobe Summit before, we encourage you to mark your calendar for April 27-28 to experience everything this year’s conference has in store (without having to leave your house). Here are just a few benefits you can expect from the 2021 Summit:

1. Save time and money.

Although this point has already been mentioned, it’s important to emphasize that this is a free virtual event. There are no additional costs for classes, workshops, or any of the other hundreds of sessions that the Summit has to offer. Attendees can freely participate from anywhere and access the abundance of resources and insights without having to spend a single cent on travel, registration fees, accommodations, or any of the other additional costs that frequently accompany in-person conferences.

2. Participate in networking opportunities.

Although networking without any face-to-face interactions might sound impersonal at first, virtual networking is far more accessible and scalable than traditional conferences. At an in-person event, opportunities are limited to a relatively small audience who have the means to travel and physically attend the conference. Furthermore, connecting with someone in person means nothing if you accidentally lose their business card or contact info after the event!

Online networking allows people to easily connect with relevant industry professionals and build relationships long after the Summit comes to an end. There’s no uncomfortable small talk, no awkward silence, and no struggling to hear each other over the noise of a crowded venue. You can immediately find individuals in your industry to speak with and get straight to business through one (or several!) community channels, without having to worry about taking time off work, traveling to the event, or paying for registration.

3. Take live and on-demand classes based on your schedule.

The 2-day virtual Summit will give attendees the opportunity to choose from more than 200 sessions and training workshops, all taught by industry experts. Nearly all classes will be available on-demand after they’re conducted live, so you don’t have to worry about fitting sessions into your busy schedule. Enjoy as many courses as you’d like at your own pace in any of the 11 key tracks:

  • Adobe Experience Platform
  • Analytics, Insights, and Activation
  • B2B Marketing and ABM
  • Campaign Management
  • Collaborative Work Management
  • Content Creation
  • Developer Ecosystem
  • Digital Commerce
  • Digital Document Productivity
  • Personalization
  • Trends and Inspiration

At the time of writing, the sessions are still being scheduled and organized to best meet the needs and interests of attendees. You can expect new sessions to be added often, and you can track specific courses you don’t want to miss by using the Session Scheduler tool!

4. Get a sneak peek behind the scenes at Adobe.

One of the most exciting parts about the Adobe Summit is the Adobe Sneaks presentation. Adobe Sneaks is an opportunity for Adobe employees to share their own creative projects and ideas, utilizing the latest cutting-edge technologies. Some of the top projects from 2020 included:

  • Project Snippets: An AI tool that uses customer data to generate personalized titles and descriptions for products.
  • Project Access Ace: A tool designed to make online content more accessible for people with visual impairments or cognitive disabilities
  • Project Gluestick: A drag-and-drop app builder that requires no coding experience.

Although the 2021 creators and ideas can’t be revealed yet (it is called “Summit Sneaks,” after all), attendees can expect some major improvements and breakthroughs across the spectrum of the Adobe Experience Platform.

5. Gain valuable insights and advice from top companies.

Whether you’re a retailer, developer, marketer, designer, or content manager, it’s always important to learn from the top performers in your industry. Understanding and implementing the best practices will ensure that you can continuously grow and improve your business in the long run. In the realm of eCommerce and digital marketing, things can shift so rapidly that it can be difficult to stay updated and discern what will be the most beneficial for your company.

The goal of session speakers and workshop leaders is to give you actionable advice that you can immediately apply to your work. You should expect to see real benefits and results from the information you get from your Summit experience. With this year’s lineup featuring representatives from companies like Dell Technologies, Sephora, Corra, Ben & Jerry’s, Blue Acorn iCi, and more, you can see what the best of the best are currently doing and how you can learn from their successes.

Just click here to register for free!

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Brent Peterson
Brent W. Peterson, President of ContentBasis LLC, is a pioneering eCommerce entrepreneur. His journey spans retail entrepreneurship to global workshops, with a passion for endurance sports. 

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