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Brent Peterson
Brent Peterson

At Wagento Commerce, we pride ourselves in being an internationally involved company. Our services stretch far beyond the humble walls of our Minnesota headquarters. In fact, if you’re familiar with us already, you know that we have employees in three other countries, including Mexico, Bolivia, and India. In addition to our global presence, we prioritize our worldwide involvement in Magento and eCommerce-related events.

In fact, this month, we traveled to la Ciudad de México in order to participate in the ECSE eCommerce Summit & Expo—a trade show and conference featuring workshops, speakers, and nearly 100 vendor booths! Co-founder of Apple Steve Wozniak also made an appearance at the event, sharing knowledge and insight pertaining to creativity! At this tech community confluence, we were privileged to share a stand with Magento and our Partners while forging connections with merchants and potential clients!

We absolutely love opportunities like these where we can expose our brand and expand our reach to places outside our Minneapolis borders. It’s a chance for us as a company to meet clients of different backgrounds and business visions. Not only that, but we have the ability to see firsthand how other companies like us are performing in other countries and which tricks of the trade prove successful in different parts of the world.

Ultimately, we understand how important it is to build networks in a variety of markets and locations. From a business perspective, it helps us tailor our services to fit the particular needs of our customers, which can vary significantly depending on their culture and origin.

Just as the individual who travels to foreign countries is able to foster appreciation, broaden perspective, and develop and open mind, so does our company. The further and more frequently we go, and the more international contacts we make, the more internal growth we experience—something that goes deeper than any business-related perk.

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Brent Peterson
Brent W. Peterson, President of ContentBasis LLC, is a pioneering eCommerce entrepreneur. His journey spans retail entrepreneurship to global workshops, with a passion for endurance sports. 

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