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Top Ways To Use Explainer Videos To Boost Your SEO Rankings

Brent Peterson
Brent Peterson

Higher SEO ranking means higher ranking of your website on Google, which further results in higher sales. There are many conventional methods to boost a website’s SEO rankings. The most common ways to increase SEO rankings is by publishing blogs, social media marketing, pay-per-click ads, etc.  

Apart from this, you can boost your SEO rankings through explainer videos. Most of the businesses see explainer videos as a superb way of making an effective sales pitch or for informing the customers and spreading awareness about their products or services.  

According to Tubular Insights, a website with video content has 50 times higher chances of ranking on the first page of search engines. Besides, in 2021, 82% of the internet traffic will be driven through videos.  

Therefore, picking the right explainer video can drastically improve your SEO rankings.  

In this article, we will walk you through the best ways of using explainer videos to boost the SEO rankings of your website.  

What do you mean by Explainer Videos?  

To give you an idea, an explainer video is a 60-90 second video that describes a product or a service or conveys a message in a captivating or engaging manner. The first 8-10 seconds of an explainer video are critical and must be able to capture the audience’s attention while piquing curiosity among them.  

Types of Explainer Videos 

There are different types of explainer videos that you can use for various purposes. Let us look at all these types of videos in detail.  

1. 2D Animated Explainer  

These explainer videos contain 2D animation where characters and objects are created in a two-dimensional space.  

It is one of the most cost-effective types of explainer videos. You can draw the characters either by hand or computer. It is widely used in small businesses. You can use 2D animation to promote your product/service, communicate a cause or explain a scientific concept.  

2. 3D Animated Explainer  

3D animated explainer videos are created in a three-dimensional space. The difference between 2D & 3D animated videos is that 3D animated explainers look more realistic as the images & characters are created in a 3D environment.  

One thing to remember is that 3D videos are costlier than 2D animated videos. However, these look more life-like and stunning.  

3. Motion Graphics Explainer Videos 

As the name suggests, these types of explainer videos use motion graphics and artwork to create impressive animations.  

In motion graphics explainers, the focus is on the ideas & facts, rather than design. Design is a supportive element and is often used to explain the process.  

The voiceover/narration plays a huge role in motion graphics explainer videos as it tells the story behind it.  

4. Whiteboard Animation Explainer Video  

Whiteboard animation explainers are highly popular and used for a variety of purposes. These videos showcase a hand drawing an illustration or characters to demonstrate an idea or convey a message on a whiteboard screen. Whiteboard animated videos are accompanied by a narration or voiceover.  

5. Live-action Explainer Video 

The name itself explains it. The most distinctive feature of live-action explainers is that these include real footage with hardly any animation. These videos are mostly used to demonstrate a product or service or can even be customer testimonials.  

Live-action videos require a lot of manpower & resources such as the cast, crew, equipment, etc, which is why these are heavier on the pocket.  

6. Screencast Explainer Video 

Screencast explainer videos are created by recording and narrating the process or task on a computer screen. A lot of startup businesses choose these videos to explain or demonstrate the features of the products or services that they aim to sell.  

Screencast explainers are also quite cost-effective, and do not require many resources.  

7. Kinetic Typography Explainer  

Kinetic Typography Explainers have become quite a trend in 2021. In these videos, fonts come into play and create the entire story.  

You can use one or many fonts to deliver your message or idea. Words combined with voiceover makes it easier for the viewers to understand what you are trying to convey.  

The correct format, engaging script and the relevant fonts will help you share your point effectively.  

Here’s How You Can Use Explainer Videos To Boost Your SEO Rankings 

1. For Featuring Your Video on Search Engines 

Often you must’ve noticed YouTube videos featured on Google. When you enter a keyword or phrase on Google, relevant videos are displayed. So, if you optimize your explainer videos for platforms like YouTube, the videos are more likely to rank on Google.  

As we all know, YouTube is the most popular video search engine. So, when you upload an engaging explainer video on it, it attracts a substantial amount of website traffic which consequently impacts your search rankings on Google.  

Explainer videos are created with a goal of keeping the viewers engaged till the end. Add a call-to-action to your videos and lead your visitors to your webpage while increasing the traffic and ultimately rank higher on search engines.  

Google algorithms keep changing constantly. This is why it’s difficult to rank higher on search results. So, it calls for more effort. Backlinks are one such way to achieve good SEO rankings. However, you must note the better the quality of the backlinks, the higher are the rankings.  

In order to share high-quality backlinks, you must publish interesting video content that is relevant to your website. By doing this, you will be able to share exciting features & benefits in an attractive way that will drive your viewers to your website.  

3. Attract More Traffic to Your Website  

Explainer videos are an excellent way to keep the audiences engaged and entertained at the same time. If we talk about content marketing, videos are 50% more effective in generating traffic than blogs.  

Audiences learn more quickly about a brand by watching a video about it. Therefore, explainer videos come in handy. Besides, people never hesitate to share videos with other people. Consequently, explainer videos generate a good amount of organic traffic for the website.  

4. Reach Out To Influencers For Content Promotion  

Influencer marketing is a superb way to advertise or promote your product or services. But, you may wonder how to use influencer marketing to generate website traffic?  

Social media influencers attract a large number of people who follow the content they post. The users are influenced by their views & opinion about a brand. Additionally, third-party endorsements act as a concoction for enhancing brand value. So, if you get an influencer to promote your business, it will definitely increase the traffic.  

Moreover, influencers let you earn backlinks and inbound links that direct a lot of traffic to your website. You can convince the influencers to post your content by providing them with something that their followers will love – i.e. engaging & eye-catching explainer videos.  

5. Improve your Customer Retention-rate  

We all know that Google algorithms make use of web crawlers to search web pages and the most relevant keywords while going from link to link to collect data for the Google server. However, there is another important factor used for determining search rankings.  

Google keeps a check on the average time spent by the users on a webpage. The average website session is 2-3 minutes.  

Explainer videos greatly help in retaining the customers on a webpage for up to 2 minutes or more. So, make sure your website contains valuable information so that it ranks your website on the top of search results.  

6. Go For Higher Click-Through Rates  

Higher click-through rates means higher website traffic. Click-through rate is a way to know the success of a marketing campaign. It is simply the ratio of the total visitors on a webpage to the users who clicked on a specific link.  

The question arises, how to optimize your click-through rate? You can easily improve your click-through rate by incorporating an explainer video on your website.  

According to The Marketing Helpline, social media posts that have videos get 48% more views. Besides, Hubspot says that around 94% of people watch explainer videos to know more about a product or a brand.  

The theory is simple. Explainer videos are more likely to be watched or clicked by users. So, if you post these on your website, you will certainly boost your SEO rankings.  

7. Add Relevant Keywords in Transcripts  

Around 80% of people watch videos on mute. This means they are more interested in watching the animation & graphics shown in the videos. There is nothing to worry about. All you need to do is use transcripts with SEO-friendly keywords to give out your message through the explainer video. 

Adding relevant keywords in the transcripts of your explainer videos positively impacts and boosts your SEO ranking.    

8. Social Signals  

You must know that now Google also counts social signals as one of the important factors to determine a website’s performance while considering it a huge indicator of a website’s SEO rankings. So, it’s time you optimize your social signals.  

Here too, explainer videos become instrumental. By uploading explainer videos on your various social media accounts, you widen your reach while optimizing backlinks. This eventually results in improved social signals.  

Good social signals will lead to more rankings & higher search results.  

9. Improve the Quality of your Blogs  

According to a few reports, by 2022, 205 million people will be watching video content on their mobile phones, and this figure will continue to increase. So, what does it translate to?  

It means that the majority of the consumers or prospective customers are using mobile devices to be on social media platforms, websites, search engines, etc. And since smartphones aren’t so text-friendly, a standard blog won’t be of any use anymore.  

This is why in order to get more engagement from your audience, it’s important to use more visuals such as videos in your blogs. The effectiveness of video content is much higher than other content types. So by adding videos to your blogs, you will be able to retain a larger audience to your website.  


The above ways will certainly help you in boosting your search engine rankings through incorporating explainer videos.  

Explainer videos come with a lot of benefits. They not only catch the customer’s attention but also help a business acquire top rankings on search engines. So, there’s nothing to wait for! Create the most engaging explainer video and improve your SEO rankings by using it in multiple ways.  

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Brent Peterson
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