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Site Deployments are Necessary, but Don’t Have to Result in Costly Downtime

Brent Peterson October 25, 2019

Site Deployments are Necessary, but Don’t Have to Result in Costly Downtime

With all the work that goes into marketing and promoting your site, the biggest waste of an opportunity is when a customer tries to visit and finds that your site is inaccessible. Read on for our tips on how to make sure customers can access your site any time and every time they visit this holiday season.

Keep Your Deployment Tools Up-to-date

Slow or stuck deployments getting in your way? Did you know that Magento’s deployment tooling, ece-tools, had two new updates in just the last quarter? Staying up to date with the latest versions will ensure you can deploy with confidence. The latest updates resolved issues that cause stuck deployments, sped up the deployment of static content by up to 4x, and added new automated testing to ensure performance after deployment and detect potential incompatibilities. See the ece-tools release notes for these and many more recent improvements.

Utilize Zero Downtime Deployments

Is your customer experience interrupted when your team pushes deployments to your live site? Did you know that it is possible to configure your project so that the customer doesn’t experience load errors or other problems during these deployments? Zero Downtime Deployments are a recommended best practice to ensure that your customers engage with a live site, regardless of your deployment routine. (Zero Downtime Deployment for Magento Commerce 2.2.x; Zero Downtime Deployment for Magento Commerce 2.3.x)

Make a Holiday Capacity Plan

Don’t let poor planning result in a site that becomes inaccessible due to unexpectedly heavy traffic. Magento Commerce customers who utilize the Cloud infrastructure should be sure to check out Magento’s Holiday Readiness Knowledge Base article, which includes information on how Magento can help you with your capacity planning before you need it.

Looking for more tips and tricks? Check Magento’s blog post on Optimizing You Magento Commerce Site for the Holidays.

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