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Scrolling vs Clicking – Best Practices for eCommerce UX

Scrolling vs Clicking – Best Practices for eCommerce UX

If you’re thinking about starting an eCommerce business, there are key usability behaviors that you have to keep in mind to improve your marketing and advertising. Various factors influence customer behavior when it comes to online shopping. One important thing to consider is whether you will opt for scrolling or clicking website navigation.

Consumers Have Always Been Scrolling

Users learnt how to scroll from years of cruising the digital landscape. Because social media platforms, websites and eCommerce sites have the scrolling functionality, most users are used to scrolling. Additionally, scrolling is the most comfortable type of website navigation when using mobile devices.

As smartphones get bigger, it’s important to make navigation simple and easy to reach with the thumb. This is especially important because 45% of online shoppers complete transactions through their mobile devices. What’s more, scrolling spreads out content and makes it easier for visitors to digest your content.

Other benefits of scrolling

  • Scrolling engages users, and it is the most straightforward means of navigation.
  • It delivers content to users more quickly, because visitors don’t have to wait for pages to load.

Scrolling Best Practices

Scan for scrolling points

Humans are used to scanning. They scan through an entire list until they find something they deem necessary. In web design, scanning is broken down into different scrolling points. This is important because, without these breaking points, your users would suffer from scrolling fatigue.

Cater your content

To encourage your visitors to scroll, you have to design your content to be easy to scroll. To do this, consider:

  • Starting strong with a good introduction
  • Offer relevant information throughout to keep users engaged
  • Include images to help break up your content.

Follow SEO guidelines

Long scrolling can affect your SEO, but not if you follow the fundamental SEO guidelines. To keep your eCommerce website on top of Google’s search engine results page, check with Google’s scrolling best practices. Monitor your progress with Google analytics and see whether you need to make any adjustments.

Talk to a Commerce Solutions Provider

Users get frustrated if they click multiple times before they can get what they need. On the other hand, mobile devices and long-form content are making scrolling more relevant than ever before. Users are now more willing to scroll, assuming that a website has considered this important eCommerce UX design. To learn more about the best practices for eCommerce UX, visit Wagento or contact one of our knowledgeable professionals.

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