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Press Release: Holiday Marketing with Wagento and Adobe 11.12.2020 | Adobe PR and Leadous Updates

Brent Peterson
Brent Peterson

Press Release: Holiday Marketing with Wagento and Adobe 11.12.2020 | Adobe PR and Leadous Updates

Leadous, Wagento, and Adobe Present Marketing Best Practices for the Holiday Season

Leadous, a leading Adobe Platinum Partner, along with experts from Wagento and Adobe, deliver digital marketing best practices from top brands. Attendees will join executive thought leaders on November 12 at 10 am CST for a discussion as they share key learnings from 2020 that will provide a fresh approach to assure your business has a solid plan to maximize every opportunity for success in the holiday season and into 2021.

After Adobe’s analysis of more than 1 trillion visits to U.S.-based retail websites, key findings show teams have a great opportunity for the rest of 2020 and beyond. One key finding Adobe Analytics has discovered is the eCommerce holiday season is likely to see two years’ worth of growth, reaching $189B, a 33% increase year-over-year. On November 12, at 10 am CST, thought leaders from Adobe, Wagento, and Leadous will come together to deliver an open discussion on the latest predictions and forecast what you can expect.

Brent Peterson, Co-Founder at Wagento, “After meeting with people from all over the world, organizing multiple discussions, and working closely with our clients and leading experts, our webinar provides the perfect opportunity to share all that I’ve learned with the broader marketing community. Despite a very interesting year, we have seen tremendous growth in the e-commerce space. Our goal is to share these results-driven best practices so everyone can benefit and create the best customer experience.”

“We are excited to bring together a group of top experts that are passionate about their work and want to share the knowledge and insights that take organizations to the next level,” shares Tracey Ellis, Leadous CEO. “This gathering is meant to inform and inspire marketers to maximize their digital reach this holiday season. 2020 has been challenging, and there is a ‘new normal in marketing as well – these best practices will help position stronger brand allegiance, enhanced engagement, and data that drive plans for a future full of growth.”

Experts, Brent Peterson, Co-Founder at Wagento; Tracey Ellis, CEO at Leadous; and Tricia Lee, Head of Customer Demand Gen, Digital Experience Commercial at Adobe enlighten attendees by providing creative ideas and best practices for the holiday season.

Key Takeaways:

  • Business guide for a hassle-free holiday, leveraging Adobe Analytics insights from transactions at 80 of the top 100* U.S. online retailers
  • Last-minute tips to apply today that will assure your business is prepared and maximizing every opportunity
  • Product and pricing insights based on Adobe analysis of sales on more than 100 million unique products.
  • Consumer insights on holiday shopping this season
  • How to maximize email performance and a consolidated overview of best practices from top brands globally

With the right attribution/revenue reporting, website personalization, lifecycle nurturing, and predictive scoring your team will be ready to take on the holidays and be ready for 2021. Join our experts and your peers as we dive into these fundamental tactics. Helping the community and industry to thrive.

Every role in marketing will find value in this incredible event. Leadous, Wagento, and Adobe are looking forward to seeing you there.

Leadous continues to partner with top brands and exceed their expectations surrounding automation initiatives. Look for Leadous at upcoming events and follow their blog to stay up to date on the latest digital marketing innovations.


Leadous believes that marketing is a Human Experience. Behind every email, logo, and computer screen are people waiting to engage with the world around them. We connect people to your brand by enhancing your marketing strategy with purposeful automation that drives mindful digital experiences. Building a sound foundation for your team to deliver business results and create happy clients.

Our HAPPY CLIENTS are how we measure our success. Proud Platinum Partner of Adobe.

Let us lead you. | www.leadous.com | 844-LEADOUS


Wagento provides 24-hour support and is recognized by Magento as an Enterprise Solution Partner and Magento U training partner. With two Magento Masters and 30+ certified developers, we guarantee proven results.

Our work focuses on omnichannel B2B and B2C using Adobe Commerce Cloud and Magento Order Management.

Wagento is a leading digital agency and global commerce solutions, provider. We believe in community collaboration, excessive communication, significant positive change, and ZERO BAD CODE. As a global team with offices in Minnesota, Mexico, India, and Bolivia, we work with local customers in the local markets.

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Adobe is changing the world through digital experiences. For more information, visit www.adobe.com.

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Brent Peterson
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