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New Release to Help Keep Your Store Secure and Optimized

New Release to Help Keep Your Store Secure and Optimized

Today we are making the latest versions of Magento Commerce and Open Source – 2.3.3, 2.2.10, and 2.3.2-p2 – available to our entire Magento Community. This ends the pre-release period and if you have not yet started the process of accessing these updates already, they can now be found on GitHub and at Magento.com, in addition to Composer. We encourage you to take advantage of the security and feature updates available in these new versions as a means of adopting the best experience and security posture possible.

Highlights of This Release Include

  • Security: We now support PSD2 and are introducing important changes to our payment integrations (learn more about it here). PHP 7.3 is now supported as well. In addition to these changes, we continue to strengthen our platform and to reduce our backlog by focusing on reported issues. For that reason, we have included almost 100 security fixes in this patch.
  • Performance: Faster loading times and better overall shopping experience by displaying text while web fonts load in the background and moving non-critical CSS items to the end of the loading queue.  Additionally, we are reducing the number of requests going back to the server, which helps increase throughput and decrease resources consumption. With these and other performance enhancements, we were able to improve our Google PageSpeed Insights score by up to 5 points in some instances.
  • Quality: Over 190 product quality enhancements across many critical areas of the platform like our Sales, Catalog and Checkout modules.

2.3.3 Product Enhancement


We welcome Yotpo as a new addition to our core code as a vendor bundled extension. Yotpo is an eCommerce marketing platform that helps brands drive growth with integrated solutions for customer reviews, visual marketing, loyalty, and referrals. With this pre-installed integration, merchants can reduce development costs and implementation time by seamlessly activating Yotpo’s UGC solutions, instantly start collecting and displaying high-converting customer content and stay on top of key performance metrics from within the Magento Commerce Admin panel.

Admin User Experience Research

Magento Commerce is introducing the tracking of user actions and events on the Admin panel as part of our efforts to better understand the Admin user experience and improve product design. Post installation, the first user signing in will be presented with the option to accept or decline to participate. Read more about it in our User Guide.

Google Shopping ads Channel

Our Google Shopping ads Channel extension is now part of our core code. This integration will allow merchants to quickly sign up and begin leveraging this tool’s benefits without requiring them to download an extension from the Marketplace. Learn how Google Shopping ads Channel delivers the power of Google’s advertising network in one end-to-end solution.

You can review the release notes for more information about all of the enhancements and go to the Security Center for more information about security updates included in these new versions.

Security-Only Patch

As a reminder, in this release cycle, we introduced a new security-only patch that is lighter, easier-to-deploy code. It provides fixes for recently identified vulnerabilities against the previous quarterly patch. To learn more about this patch and how to download and install it, please visit our blog post here.

Be sure to join us for an exclusive customer webinar on November 7, 2019 to learn where Magento Commerce is investing to help you thrive in the year to come. We look forward to a successful holiday season with you and your merchants!

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