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Magento Association: Magento Open Source Task Force and #MAConnect

Brent Peterson
Brent Peterson
Magento Association

Over the spring of 2021, Magento Association board director and chair, Joshua Warren, emphasized the importance of creating a long-term plan for the Magento Association. Warren stated that the board of directors, along with input from the rest of the Magento Association, would work to define four essential areas for the organization to hone in on. Now, Warren and the rest of the leadership team have finally shared their findings and announced the official Four Pillars of MA at the Magento Association Connect Event.

Magento Association

About the Open Source Task Force

The Magento Association board of directors put out a call for volunteers to join the Magento Open Source Task Force beginning in August of 2021. This announcement was shared across various social media platforms, as well as the regular email newsletter to members of the Association. The ultimate goal of assembling this task force is to create and launch a business plan by the start of 2022. It will be led by Board representative Danny Verkade.

On October 21, 2021, the members of the task force were selected and announced during the Magento Association Connect Event, or #MAConnect. This committee includes several individuals from the Magento community, as well as Adobe employees. #MAConnect is free to anyone who would like to attend and learn more about the direction and vision of Magento Open Source. 

Next Steps

By the end of October, the task force will be ready for action, and Warren plans to keep the rest of the Magento community updated about their decisions and processes. He has also announced that he will share how each member was selected, write articles about the task force’s recommendations and discussions, and keep Magento Association members in the know throughout each step of the way.

As the Magento Open Source Task Force strategizes about the future of the open source space, people are encouraged to join the Magento Association and share their own thoughts, ideas, and insights with others who are just as passionate about the platform as they are.

Mission of the MA

The Magento Association’s mission is to “advance and empower the global Magento community and commerce ecosystem through open collaboration, education, and thought leadership.”

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Brent Peterson
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