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Joseph Maxwell | Talk Commerce | The Art of eCommerce Debugging


In this episode of the Talk Commerce podcast, CEO of SwiftOtter and author Joseph Maxwell returns to chat with Brent Peterson about eCommerce debugging, Magento certifications, and work-life balance. This special edition of the show also features an unboxing of Joseph’s new book, The Art of Ecommerce Debugging, and Joseph’s top 5 tips for developers in the industry today.

About Joseph Maxwell

In January, 2011, Joseph founded SwiftOtter, Inc., a digital marketing agency based in Kansas City, Missouri. Joseph’s growth mindset and determination have inspired him to achieve several Magento and Adobe certifications, as well as expand his knowledge about BigCommerce. SwiftOtter aims to help other merchants and businesses achieve success when selling online, and Joseph is passionate about sharing his company’s mission. Recently, Joseph authored and published his book, The Art of Ecommerce Debugging.

Episode Overview

The episode begins with a live unboxing of Joseph’s book, and Brent said that he plans to do a follow-up with Joseph once he finishes reading it. They go on to discuss how Joseph went about publishing the book, the process of hiring an illustrator to make the content stand out, and the importance of using XDebug. XDebug is actually one of Joseph’s top 5 tips for developers, along with following the TAD framework. TAD is an acronym for the following steps:

  • Take inventory.
  • Assess the issue/attempt a fix.
  • Do it again!

Later, Brent and Joseph talk about striking a healthy work-life balance, and how Joseph juggles his full-time career with his role as a father. The episode concludes with a chat about how developers should document their code, and Joseph shares his best advice for new and experienced developers. 

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