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Is Mobile Commerce Going to Replace Desktop Commerce?

Brent Peterson
Brent Peterson

Mobile commerce, also known as mCommerce, has grown exponentially in just the past decade, and it shows no signs of stopping. According to statistics from the 2017 Black Friday event, mCommerce is growing faster than eCommerce; 40% of online purchases were made over smartphones, a steep rise from the 29% in 2016. Mobile commerce is undoubtedly becoming more and more popular among consumers around the globe, but is it going to completely take over desktop?

Benefits of Mobile Commerce

Mobile commerce and eCommerce both allow customers to browse and purchase items through an online retailer, but you might be wondering how they differ from each other. While mCommerce and eCommerce look the same on the surface, the benefits of mCommerce become apparent once you recognize the unique opportunities mobile devices provide for consumers:

  • On-the-go shopping. Instead of carving out time in their day to use their desktop computer, people can use their phones to shop on the bus, on their work breaks, or whenever else they have spare time during their busy schedules.
  • Location tracking. Through the use of GPS, retailers can offer unique deals or recommendations for customers in specific areas.
  • Wide audience. Smartphones are becoming more of a necessity in the everyday life of people around the world. Online retailers can reach a much larger audience by targeting mobile users.
  • Payment options. Many customers are wary of using their credit cards for online purchases, and retailers that recognize this can make consumers feel at ease by making it simple for them to use alternate forms of payment, such as Apple Pay and PayPal. This makes it convenient for a customer to check-out securely and quickly even if they don’t have a credit card.

Outlook for eCommerce and mCommerce

An extensive report of 36 different countries showed that mCommerce already makes up 38% of global eCommerce sales, and it’s estimated to increase by 19% in just 5 years. Desktop commerce will continue to be an option for consumers for years to come, but if businesses want to keep up with changing consumer demands, their sites will need to be optimized for mobile devices. Websites will need to load fast, have a clear layout, and appear the same whether a customer is looking at it from their smartphone or a laptop. During this transition point in eCommerce, businesses must be flexible and responsive to attract and maintain consumers.

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Brent Peterson
Brent W. Peterson, President of ContentBasis LLC, is a pioneering eCommerce entrepreneur. His journey spans retail entrepreneurship to global workshops, with a passion for endurance sports. 

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