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How to Scale Your eCommerce Business in 4 Steps

Brent Peterson January 18, 2021

How to Scale Your eCommerce Business in 4 Steps

Scaling your e-commerce business cannot happen overnight, but it could be a viable way to increase your sales, customer base and competitiveness. Here are four steps that will help you succeed with this goal. 

1. Tweak Your Marketing Plan

Ramping up your eCommerce enterprise requires going about marketing differently than you did when the organization was smaller. For example, working with influencers or improving your search engine optimization strategies are two solutions that should bring more people to your site and get them interested in what you offer. 

It’s also helpful to ensure that your marketing plan fills people in on any expanded services. For example, if scaling up means you now ship internationally, publicize that fact through your website, blog posts and social media profiles. 

Position your expanding eCommerce business as something exciting that benefits your customers. You might talk about how you’ll have a more extensive overall product assortment or will soon offer two-day shipping and free returns.

2. Invest in More Cloud Computing Solutions

You may already have some cloud computing technology associated with your eCommerce site. However, an intention to scale gives you an excellent opportunity to invest in more cloud-based products that could help you meet your goals. 

For example, cloud computing’s scalability is one factor that has made it immensely popular — 72% of companies are involved in this, and that number is expected to increase. Customers can add more resources or services as their needs change. Also, there is an ever-growing assortment of cloud-based apps that you can customize to meet a company or site’s requirements. 

If you currently have a cloud provider, become more familiar with what else that entity offers before assuming you need to work with another company too. Have a clear understanding of what additional services you need to scale. Then, discuss those things with any existing or new cloud companies. 

3. Choose a Third-Party Logistics Company

Handling order fulfillment internally can work well for a while, but it often becomes unsustainable when you want to scale. That’s why now may be the ideal time to work with a third-party logistics (3PL) provider. That entity will have the necessary resources to handle your increasing order numbers without the slowdowns that could lead to customer dissatisfaction. 

When weighing your options, think about the kind of eCommerce shipping assistance you’ll need. For example, do you have some Fulfilled by Amazon orders, or are they solely associated with your company? 

Moreover, take a zonal approach when thinking about a 3PL provider’s location. Choosing one located in your area of most significant order growth could help customers get their items faster. Aim to strike a balance between catering to your new audience without ignoring your usual clients. Offering reliable service will bring more loyalty. 

4. Emphasize Fantastic Customer Service

Many enterprises recently became first-time eCommerce providers or substantially ramped up their online presence to stay competitive during the COVID-19 pandemic. Now, people have become accustomed to shopping online, and many love the convenience it offers. However, they’re consistently reliant on customer service agents to guide them through the process.

During 2021 and beyond, you can expect customer service to keep directly supporting your eCommerce business. People will have questions about payment methods, delivery times and shipping costs, among other things. Those are especially likely to occur as your company accommodates new customers, possibly including some who do not often shop online. 

Explore how you can assure people that customer service will remain consistently great, even as your business gets bigger. Remind them of the various ways they can get in touch, and mention your support hours, too. 

Start Making Meaningful Progress

Scaling up your eCommerce business will not and should not happen quickly. Making steady progress with your goal is an excellent way to succeed without getting overwhelmed. You’ll undoubtedly realize there are more things to do than these four steps. However, these starting points will help you start making the changes that must happen for your eCommerce business to grow and remain an appealing choice for current and potential customers.

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Eleanor Hecks is editor-in-chief at Designerly Magazine. Eleanor was the creative director and occasional blog writer at a prominent digital marketing agency before becoming her own boss in 2018. She lives in Philadelphia with her husband and dog, Bear.

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