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How to Resolve the Top 10 Issues in Magento Commerce Stores

Brent Peterson
Brent Peterson
How to Resolve the Top 10 Issues in Magento Commerce Stores

Magento recently created a guide that highlights the 10 most common problems that users experience on their sites. According to the Site-Wide Analysis Tool (SWAT), these 10 issues alone account for about 30% of all found problems within Magento stores. In an effort to help merchants identify and resolve these frequent challenges, the best practices and recommendations for all 10 issues are explained below:

1. Async Order Processing is disabled.

Enabling asynchronous order processing can prevent a site from experiencing performance issues during high traffic periods, where multiple orders are being created and processed at once. To enable this setting, follow these steps:

  • Run php bin/magento config:set dev/grid/async_indexing 1 or enable the Asynchronous indexing option through the Magento Admin. Go to Stores > Settings > Configuration > Advanced > Developer Stores > Settings > Configuration > Advanced > Developer.
  • Flush the cache by running php bin/magento cache:flush or log in to the Magento Admin by going to System > Tools > Cache Management

2. Async Email Notification is disabled.

Similar to the asynchronous order processing feature, when this setting is disabled, it can negatively affect site performance and the customer checkout experience. Enabling asynchronous email notifications will essentially run the processes for sending order confirmation emails to the background in order to improve checkout performance. Follow these steps to enable this feature:

  • Stores > Settings > Configuration > Sales > Sales Emails > General Settings > Asynchronous Sending

3. Deferred Stock Updates is disabled.

By enabling this setting, it will prevent deadlocks from occurring during the ordering process. The total number of steps needed to place and process the order are reduced, creating a smoother, faster experience for the customer. To enable deferred stock updates, simply go to:

  • Stores > Settings > Configuration > Catalog > Inventory > Product Stock Options > Use ‘Deferred Stock Updates’

4. Redis Replica Connection is disabled.

For multi-server Magento Commerce stores or retailers who plan on expanding their businesses, enabling the Redis Replica Connections will prevent the system from becoming overwhelmed with too many requests. This can cause slow performance, and in the worst case scenarios, it may even lead to outages. The feature allows Magento to evenly spread the queries to several different nodes asynchronously to reduce the chances of performance issues. For more information about configuring Redis, check out this brief document for step-by-step explanations.

5. OP Cache Size incorrectly set.

This is only applicable for Magento Commerce Pro accounts, where there’s often not enough memory for OPcache. When this setting is configured incorrectly, it can actually worsen PHP performance instead of improving it. Before you can find the configuration settings, however, make sure your site meets these prerequisites:

  • Make sure that PHP is installed.
  • Verify that the set of extensions is installed.
  • Check the PHP settings.
  • Find OPcache configuration settings.
  • Set OPcache options.

For the full set of instructions, click here to view the development doc.

6. CSS Unification is disabled.

Enabling CSS unification can improve performance by reducing the number of HTTP requests for each item required during the page loading process. You can easily enable this setting by logging into your Admin account and going to:

  • Stores > Settings > Configuration > Advanced > Developer > CSS Settings.

7. CSS Minification is disabled.

Minifying CSS files reduces the size of the sent file by removing white space within the file. Similar to enabling CSS unification, you can change the CSS minification settings by going to:

  • Admin > Stores > Settings > Configuration > Advanced > Developer > CSS Settings.

8. JS Minification is disabled.

To optimize JavaScript files, enable JS minification by logging into your Admin account and navigating to Stores. Then, follow these guidelines:

  • Go to Configuration, and then click on the Advanced tab.
  • Go to Javascript Settings and hit “Yes.”

9. Magento Ece-tools is outdated.

Running your Magento Commerce store on an old version of ece-tools can cause a multitude of problems with the site infrastructure, servers, apps, integrations, and more. To avoid risking the integrity of your site, always update to the latest version of ece-tools. The steps to update your package can be found in this document.

10. Magento Banner is unused.

If the Magento Banner feature is enabled but unused, it can create an unnecessary AJAX request to the server, which can negatively affect the site during high traffic times. To disable this function, check out the steps outlined in this document. Use the module name Magento_Banner in the place shown in the code, and then deploy the code following the instructions onscreen.

If you have any further questions about resolving common issues with your Magento store, take a moment to send a message to a Wagento developer to get the best recommendations for your unique website!.

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