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How to Request Your Magento Code Audit

Brent Peterson
Brent Peterson
How to Request Your Magento Code Audit

A Magento code audit is a comprehensive analysis of an entire website, from the front-end features to the back-end functionalities, that’s fully customized for each business owner. No two sites are alike, so Magento auditors carefully examine the layers of each Magento store, including the source code, security practices, 3rd-party applications, performance, site health, and several other areas. 

Anyone can benefit from a code audit, even if it seems like your store is doing well at the moment. An audit can proactively detect small issues or flaws in your code before they get the chance to become bigger problems as you continue to expand your business. On the other hand, a code audit is also highly recommended for merchants experiencing high bounce rates, slow loading speeds, or other factors that can hurt online businesses.  

Factors Examined During an Audit

When a problem starts to develop on your website, you can often apply simple optimization techniques to resolve issues; as long as you follow the best practices regarding your store’s security, performance, and front-end technologies. However, if your site is outdated or behind on security patches, it can be much harder to determine the underlying problem. This is why Magento developers will check each aspect of your code’s accuracy and stability, paying special attention to the following areas:

  • Website security and environment. Includes analysis of the source code, custom and purchased modules, security updates, and database structure. Once the development standards are checked, the developer can resolve any security issues and improve the code quality.
  • Website performance. This metric shows the overall performance of your website, and it may help determine the underlying issue within the code. General front-end optimization techniques can be used to improve issues with site speed.
  • HTTP server,  MySQL, and PHP. For these areas, developers will examine any architecture issues in custom or installed modules or extensions, as well as reviewing queries made in PHP.
  • Browser compatibility. Optimization practices will be suggested in order for retailers to improve both mobile and desktop SEO.
  • 3rd-party extensions. Any extensions that have security risks or require upgrades will be fixed accordingly, along with any purchased themes or customized integrations.
  • JavaScript/CSS/HTML. The performance of various JavaScript plugins, Magento templates, and the CSS framework will be assessed.

Performing an Audit

Retailers who are experienced and comfortable with coding may choose to audit their own sites, but business owners who either lack the time or technical coding experience can trust Wagento to offer plenty of support, information, and recommendations to get their stores back on the right track. With a global network of Magento-certified experts, Wagento will examine every line of code to help your site gain the attention and traffic it deserves. So, don’t hesitate to connect with a developer to request your own customized code audit!

eCommerce Audits: Unearth, Enhance, and Excel Online

Brent Peterson
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