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BigCommerce Cart Abandonment: How to stop it? 

BigCommerce Cart Abandonment: How to stop it? 

Acquiring potential customers and turning them into loyal customers requires much planning for eCommerce merchants. As we see from the image the amount of potential revenue lost in abandoned carts can be impressive (By the way that is a real image from a real merchant who we will not disclose). A proper strategy to reduce friction in the sales funnel can greatly reduce BigCommerce cart abandonment. 

This blog post will walk you through ways to stop abandoned shopping carts for BigCommerce stores.  

Why BigCommerce Cart Abandonment Happens? 

Why BigCommerce Cart Abandonment Happens? 

Cart abandonment can happen for a variety of reasons, including: 

  • Complex checkout process 
  • High shipping costs 
  • Unclear return policy 
  • Mandatory account creation 
  • Too few options for payments 
  • Security concerns 

But mostly users just browsing. 

Whatever the case for cart abandonment, billions to trillions of dollars are lost because of it. 

Can you afford it? Most probably not! Since the value of the products left in the cart is the revenue that your BigCommerce store could have earned but missed.  

Tracking the BigCommerce cart abandonment rate metrics will show where your customers are dropping off. Plus, it will empower you to improve your BigCommerce store and increase conversions. 

Want to know how often shoppers leave without buying? Or the loss of sales happening due to cart abandonment. Your BigCommerce dashboard will tell you all. 

Dealing with BigCommerce Cart Abandonment  

According to Baymard Institute, 70.19% of people add products to their cart but leave without buying anything. ‍ 

It can be frustrating at times, and why not? First, it’s hard to attract visitors to your eCommerce site. You probably invest a lot in paid online advertising and organic SEO to drive traffic to your store.  

After all those investments, some people land on your site and add something to their cart but give up when they’re close to making a purchase. You can recover lost sales if you can convince even a fraction of those who abandoned their carts. 

Thankfully, BigCommerce has a solution to deal with these lost sales. This eCommerce platform comes with a built-in Abandoned Cart Saver tool that allows store owners to send email notifications to all those potential customers who left their shopping carts without completing the purchase. 

Apart from using the Abandoned Cart Saver offered by BigCommerce, there are some strategies that one can try for abandoned cart recovery. 

Recover Abandoned Carts with Abandoned Cart Saver 

If your online store is on the BigCommerce platform, a built-in tool like the Abandoned Cart Saver can help you recover those lost sales from those abandoned carts.  

The working process of this tool is simple. It will send an email invitation to those customers who added an item to their shopping cart but left it without completing the checkout. Most importantly, it lets you attach coupon codes to the email notifications. ‍ 

Reach Out to Your Customers with Retargeting Ads  

Picture this: A user visits your online store, explores products, adds items to their cart, and then, for some reason, decides to leave without completing the purchase. This is where retargeting ads come into play. Platforms like Facebook and Google allow you to deploy personalized ads targeting those elusive potential customers. 

The brilliance lies in showcasing the exact products they left behind, coupled with compelling messaging and enticing offers. It is a tailored nudge that reignites their interest, persuading them to return to your website and potentially seal the deal this time. 

In-store Pop-up Reminder for Conversion 

Another effective tool to reach potential customers is integrating in-store pop-ups on the website. These pop-ups are going to serve as a subtle reminder to customers about their earlier interactions with your online store. 

You can even consider implementing pop-ups that sweeten the deal – perhaps offering discount codes on their first purchase. It’s a great move to bring them back and ensure that their return results in a successful conversion. 

Go for SMS Marketing 

Utilize a bulk SMS marketing tool to send reminders to customers who have abandoned their carts. Provide a discount coupon as an incentive to encourage them to resume shopping with your brand. If you have an app, consider sending push notifications to remind customers about completing their purchases. 

Have a Clear Shipping and Return Policy 

Avoid surprising customers with unexpected shipping charges by clearly stating them before the purchase. Transparency in your shipping charges contributes to a more positive shopping experience. Additionally, explicitly communicate your return policy on each product page to minimize friction and lower the risk of cart abandonment. 

Adding Trust Elements to the Site 

Enhance trust by displaying security badges and trust seals from reputable providers, such as SSL certificates, McAfee Secure, and Norton Secured. This reassures customers about the safety of their personal and financial information on your website.  

By incorporating honest product reviews and testimonials sourced from credible platforms like Zoodlekids. Consider adding relevant certifications, such as FSSAI certification for a food business, as additional trust elements. 

Simplifying the Checkout Process 

Optimize the checkout process by streamlining and simplifying it. Provide guest checkout options and offer multiple payment methods to enhance customer convenience. A user-friendly checkout experience reduces the likelihood of cart abandonment, making it easier for customers to complete their purchases. 

Final Words 

Final Words of BigCommerce cart abandonment

In the ever-evolving online business landscape, the challenge of converting potential customers into loyal patrons persists. Well, it becomes apparent that employing techniques like retargeting ads, SMS marketing, in-store pop-ups, seamless checkout, and more can significantly enhance customer engagement rate. This will eventually reduce the BigCommerce cart abandonment rate and increase conversion rates for your store. 

As a BigCommerce Elite Partner, agencies like Wagento can help merchants on popular eCommerce platforms like BigCommerce to deal with BigCommerce shopping cart abandonment issues. The team of professionals are well-versed with eCommerce platforms can offer website design to development to migration to BigCommerce, and other associated services. 

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