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Adobe Summit Sneaks 2021 with Dan Levy

Adobe Summit Sneaks

One of the most anticipated events of the annual Adobe Summit conference is the “Summit Sneaks” portion, which gives attendees the opportunity to see what’s going on behind the scenes at Adobe. At this year’s virtual Summit event, the always-hilarious writer and actor Dan Levy spoke with 7 individuals who were happy to show off their brilliant tech developments and ideas for Adobe products. 

Daily Shuffle

Richard Whitehead, the principal product marketing manager at Adobe, introduced the audience to his project, Daily Shuffle. He describes it as a collaborative work management app that makes it easy to reorganize your schedule and prioritize tasks with just a few clicks. His demonstration shows how the AI can improve productivity and handle unexpected schedule changes seamlessly. Instead of spending precious time organizing your day, simply input your daily tasks into the Daily Shuffle app to receive an optimized schedule that will work best for your needs.

Project Savvy Search was introduced by the principal product manager of Adobe Experience Cloud, Silky Kedawat. This tool works across all multiple applications to easily give analysts, marketers, and managers the answers they need without sifting through numerous tabs and pages. For Adobe Summit Sneaks, Kedawat demonstrated that Savvy Search enhances Adobe software by functioning like a simple browser that makes finding information faster and easier than ever before.

Live Wired

Senior Adobe evangelist Ron Nagy has worked with Adobe for over 2 decades, and he knows how challenging it can be for users to create or design applications if they don’t have much coding experience. To make Adobe projects more user-friendly, Nagy created Live Wired, a drag-and-drop tool that lets users easily create Adobe-powered apps without any prior coding knowledge. Intuitive as editing a photo on your phone, Live Wired also seamlessly integrates with Project Firefly, a developer platform that allows users to build single-page apps powered by Adobe solutions.

Catchy Content

Catchy Content was created by senior product manager for Adobe Experience Manager sites, Hyman Chung. Chung’s innovative project is designed to identify the attributes in different types of content that inspire people to take action. For Adobe Summit Sneaks, He demonstrates how Catchy Content can analyze what kind of content will be most effective in personalized ads by reviewing color schemes, reading level, photo content, and much more. Consumers will be drawn to the optimized content, and designers won’t have to struggle to figure out what customers are really looking for.

Account Ace

Liana Vagharshakian, a principal product manager for Marketo Engage, created Account Ace to address common problems that B2B marketers face. Vagharshakian’s product utilizes AI to help B2B businesses identify potential customers, gauge purchase likelihood, and create effective advertising campaigns to unknown parties. Account Ace can do all of this without requiring marketers to do hours of research or make guesses based on their best instincts. With AI on their side, B2B marketers can efficiently and confidently connect with buyers.

Segment Tuner

Fan Du, a research scientist at Adobe, developed Segment Tuner to make analytics software more accurate and informative. His demonstration shows that some audiences can be misidentified due to missing data, like invalid email addresses, in Adobe software. Segment Tuner expands upon audience attributes by using AI to quickly optimize audience segments automatically, such as adding a broader age range to specific audiences. 

Dimension Builder

Trevor Paulsen, principal product manager for Adobe Analytics, introduced Levy to Dimension Builder. This tool allows users to quickly and easily correct data mistakes or issues with just a few clicks, which can save people time and potential embarrassment. Dimension Builder follows simple rules for hiding or consolidating data, and it enables users to build their own rules as well. For companies that have countless rows of data that require updating or fixing, Dimension Builder could save users from months of tireless manual editing by solving these issues automatically.

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